Raging Fyah drops ‘Destiny’ album

Raging Fyah, a five-member roots reggae band with a 70’s twist, has upheld the current Kingston sound with a large following ever since their founding in 2006. The band has since toured the world, growing evermore in popularity and laying down tracks wherever they can – some even in Poland! Although their first LP Judgement Day premiered in 2011, Raging Fyah has decided to reissue that album alongside their sophomore release Destiny, both of which are out now for digital download. With their own recording label Raging Fyah Productions, the band has been able to stay true to their original vintage sound: incorporating bubble organ melodies alongside Bob Marley-esque harmonies tripped out with loads of echoes and reverb. Can ya dig?

“Fight” is Raging Fyah’s rendition of the modern man’s “Get Up, Stand Up”

Two of the five tracks featured on Destiny were recorded way ahead of schedule – 2008, in fact – making them a few of the first songs Raging Fyah ever recorded as a unit. The first of which is “Fight”, a motivating song where optimism meets action. With a whistling intro and a bluesy, but reggae rhythm guitar, “Fight” is Raging Fyah’s rendition of the modern man’s “Get Up, Stand Up”: nothing’s going to change your world if you don’t “fight for what you want”. But don’t be too careless as you do! The band preaches to maintain environmental consciousness on your quest for success, exhibited within the lyrics “look around, you’re standing on holy ground”. Babylon is the central theme of “Nah Look Back” although some political overtones sneak in as well. “Mankind” is a tribute to achieving self-actualization and is the second of the two tracks laid down in ’08, clearly audible in the sudden addition of horns. “First Love” sets the mood for a more sensual side, a song to slow-dance and reminisce to, and “Jah Glory” ends the album on a religious note of tolerance.

Short but sweet, Destiny declares recognition. Raging Fyah plans on announcing a fall tour in the near future and with an escalating American fanbase, it may or may not hit the United States. For more information as it unravels, check back on Top Shelf Reggae or http://www.ragingfyah.com #FyahSquad.

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Destiny track listing

  1. Fight
  2. First Love
  3. Africa
  4. Feel Jah Love
  5. Mankind
  6. Brave
  7. Barriers
  8. Step Outta Babylon
  9. Nah Look Back
  10. Jah Glory

Raging Fyah “Barriers” official music video

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