Foo Fighters get back on track with ‘But Here We Are’

Foo Fighters get back on track with ‘But Here We Are’

The icons that make up the Foo Fighters don’t require much of an introduction, given their history as one of the most acclaimed bands in the world. They suffered sorrow this previous year, when longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins tragically passed in South America. Due to his tribute concerts’ popularity, the news that the band will continue even without Hawkins on drums was warmly embraced.

Released before the album drop, “Rescued” features the band’s distinctive high-octane rock with a hint of pop sensibility.

The lead track opens with a beautiful and catchy guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the album. As a listener, the guitar riff jolts you awake. Dave Grohl starts off with “it came in a flash / it came out of nowhere / it happened so fast / and then it was over.” 

You can’t help but wonder if this is how Foo Fighters members felt following Taylor Hawkins’ untimely passing. Even in the blink of an eye, life happens very quickly. The track’s verses are then propelled by a steady drum rhythm and bass, providing Grohl a strong base.

One of the song’s notable characteristics is the rising chorus.

Grohl’s voice is in top form as he delivers lyrics with passion and conviction — the kind for which he is known. The chorus is accompanied by a wall of guitars and a driving beat that gives it an ‘urgent’ feel, ending with lyrics “we’re all just waiting to be rescued tonight / to be rescued tonight / rescue me tonight / rescue me tonight”. What sentiment — and that’s only one song of 10 without Taylor.

The band hasn’t played a live show since Hawkins’s passing, save from a tribute performance last year… that is, until this summer. Now back at it, they are set to headline a number of cities on a tour that started back on May 24th in New Hampshire. Festivals include Boston Calling, Sonic Temple, Bonnaroo, Wildlands, Outside Lands, Riot Fest, and Obama Festival. 

To top that off, the band’s 11th album, But Here We Are, was just released on June 2nd! For more information on the Foo Fighters, their current tour, or to stream the latest album, find it via the links below.

Purchase or stream ‘But Here We Are’ album:

Track listing:

  1. Rescued
  2. Under You
  3. Hearing Voices
  4. But Here We Are
  5. The Glass
  6. Nothing At All
  7. Show Me How
  8. Beyond Me
  9. The Teacher
  10. Rest

Foo Fighters – “Rescued”

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