Bush drops deluxe LP with new single “All Things Must Change”

Bush drops deluxe LP with new single “All Things Must Change”

Iconic UK rock band Bush announces a very special Art of Survival Deluxe Edition with new single “All Things Must Change” — pushing the envelope once again. The new track continues the perfect chemistry and velocity from the collaborative supergroup, encompassing the perfect storm of talent: producer/writer Erik Ron delivering on Bush guitarist Chris Traynor and Gavin Rossdale’s lyrical genius and melodies that pierce the veil of music and beyond. The track focuses on the unexpected changes that life may have in store, while undoubtedly demonstrating Bush’s prominence in the music industry off their heaviest album to date. I know we are looking forward to the future with Bush.

Rossdale stated about the track: “This is nature. All things are changing. All the time.”

“All Things Must Change” echoes the beauty of Rossdale’s vocal range, spewing out a heavy flow of rock that borderlines the metal rage… I’m obsessed! Bush stays the course of success while remaining true to their own sound and direction, but also their conviction to delving deeper into humanity’s pain and pleasure principles.

Rossdale shared, “For me, as a songwriter, I’m just always looking for different ways to challenge myself and keep it fresh, keep it interesting in service of a long career. People can either mellow out into the sunset or they do something like I’ve done with The Kingdom and with The Art of Survival, which is try and fight, go against the tide of the success of the band, try and create records that exist in their entirety on their own. They don’t lean on the previous work, you know? To me, it’s just trying to find what inspires me, what’s interesting, what I like in a studio, that’s really what it is. And I get the luxury of being, to an extent, my own producer, where I can make tracks for myself to sing on.”

The north star of Bush’s success comes from the passion exuded from themselves and the strength they have construed through years of endless devotion to the music itself.  

The Art Of Survival Deluxe Edition is out now! 💥Featuring “All Things Must Change”, “1000 Years” with Amy Lee, and a few other unreleased tracks and live goodies. Stream this revamped version today!

Purchase or stream ‘The Art of Survival’ Deluxe Edition:

Bush – “All Things Must Change” lyric video

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