Free Radicals ‘No State Solution’ album review

The Free Radicals’s No State Solution is the album you definitely want on road trips where you hop in the car and simply enjoy the drive, letting the road wind with every new song. The album makes you take the scenic route home to see where the music goes next. Throughout the album, you’ll find welcoming reflections with songs like “Space Witch” or “Imperial Sugar” and animated tracks with heavy hooks like “Survival of the Oblivious” and title track “No State Solution”. 

With a shifting stylistic foundation, more than half of the band members soloing at one time or another, and each of the musicians taking center stage at various times, there’s never a problem with variety on this album. What’s impressive is how it all ties together into a fully cooperative sound.

“We have crossed paths an infinite amount of times…”

No State Solution is a re-mastered and remixed collection of tracks from their past six albums: The Rising Tide Sinks All (1998), Our Lady of Eternal Sunny Delights (2000), Aerial Bombardment (2004), The Freedom Fence (2012), Freedom of Movement (2015) and Outside the Comfort Zone (2017).

The new remixes are by DJ Sun, a Dutch-born American record producer, DJ and one of the most prolific musicians in Houston, and Free Radicals drummer Nick Cooper.

“We have crossed paths an infinite amount of times, have performed together on the same bill and had become a part of the fabric of the Houston music community,” said DJ Sun. “We have both been super-consistent in what we have done in the scene, winning music awards in our respective categories from The Houston Press, so it seemed like it was just a matter of time that we put our forces together on a release. I’m real proud to have been able to make a small contribution to The Free Radicals catalogue.”

If you’re looking for a horn heavy, funky, eclectic album that will put a bit of excitement and variety in your day, check out No State Solution.

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Track listing

  1. No State Solution (Lacandon Remix Feat. Marcos)
  2. Screaming Remix (DJ Sun Version)
  3. Space Witch (Dub Remix)
  4. Checkpoint (Remastered 2018)
  5. Ilalihamani (Remastered 2018)
  6. The Legals Have a Lunch (Remixed 2018)
  7. Imperial Sugar (Remixed 2018)
  8. The Minister (Remastered 2018)
  9. Carry Me to My Grave (Remastered 2018)
  10. Policia Pacificadora (Remastered 2018)
  11. Allen Parkway Village (Remastered 2018)
  12. Ped Xing (Remixed 2018)
  13. Screaming
  14. Ambush ICE
  15. Manfiest Dust Bunny
  16. La Frontera (Remastered 2018)
  17. Dub For Besouro (Remastered 2018)
  18. Afterlife (Remixed 2018)
  19. Dadaab
  20. Larium Dreams (Remastered 2018)
  21. Survival of the Oblivious
  22. No State Solution (Remixed 2018)
  23. Screaming (DJ Sun’s Soular Burst)
  24. Cheeto News Coma
  25. Last Show with Joe (Remastered 2018)

Free Radicals and Kalunga N’Golo present: Space Witch (Dub Remix)

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Release Date: May 25, 2018
Label: Free Rads
Copyright: ℗© 2018 Free Radicals

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