From Ashes to New drops fourth studio album, ‘Blackout’

From Ashes to New drops fourth studio album, ‘Blackout’

From Ashes to New unveiled their latest album Blackout in July of this year and I’ve had it on repeat ever since! 

1. Heartache

“Heartache,” the album’s opening track and lead single, sets the stage for From Ashes to New’s sonic journey. Its impactful lyrics and raw energy offer a glimpse into the album’s emotional depth. Depicting personal growth and resilience, the song portrays a journey from adversity to strength. The imagery of emerging from a metaphorical prison into light resonates universally. The chorus chants express unwavering determination in the face of challenges.

The dynamic rhythm and instrumentation mirror the lyrics’ highs and lows, enhancing the message. The bridge deepens the transformational narrative, emphasizing self-discovery and resilience. “Heartache” captures the album’s essence, captivating listeners and sparking anticipation. The blend of introspection and empowerment makes it a compelling opening statement. As the lead single, it not only intrigues but reinforces the album’s themes, making it a crucial entry point into the musical voyage ahead.

2. Nightmare

“Nightmare,” Blackout’s second single, delivers an intense and emotionally charged punch. From Ashes to New’s unapologetic intensity shines through, capturing attention from the start. Exploring themes of betrayal and personal reclamation, the lyrics convey a sense of violation and heartbreak. The synergy between Danny Case (lead vocals) and Matt Brandyberry (rap vocals/keys) echoes dynamic collaborations like Linkin Park, enhancing the song’s musical depth.

“Nightmare” balances vulnerability and determination, epitomized by the defiant mantra “I will erase the nightmare you became.” The song’s structure mirrors inner turmoil, with intense verses leading to a cathartic chorus. Aggressive guitar riffs and powerful drumming align with the lyrics’ emotional turmoil.

The bridge’s introspective lines offer a powerful moment of empowerment, underlining the resolve to expel toxic influences. “Nightmare” showcases From Ashes to New’s ability to evoke emotions, creating a resonant atmosphere. As Blackout’s second single, it reinforces the album’s themes while solidifying the band’s musical identity, appealing to a broad audience.

3. Hate Me Too

“Hate Me Too” stands out as a compelling composition, with impactful opening lyrics that set a poignant tone. The lines “I wish I hated you, and after all this shit, you should hate me too” encapsulate the complex emotions of strained relationships. This third single from the album is an obsession-inducing track that resonates deeply. The song delves into the turmoil of broken connections and lost identity, with raw honesty that connects listeners to the intense discord. The chorus “we scream ’til we choke, our hearts in our throats, we just can’t let it go” encapsulates the struggle to move on. The song’s intensity grows, mirroring the emotional crescendo of the narrative. “Hate Me Too” showcases From Ashes to New’s prowess in crafting emotionally charged narratives against a powerful musical backdrop, making it a fan favorite and a prime example of the band’s unique sound.

4. Hope You’re Happy

“Hope You’re Happy” delves deep into a crumbling relationship, encapsulating heartbreak from the outset. Opening lyrics like “Should I sing you a happy song with a noose around my neck, apologize for bleeding when you stab me in the back?” capture the painful paradox of pleasing someone who inflicts pain. This poignant sentiment sets the stage for a song that resonates profoundly. Combining emotive singing and impassioned rapping, Case and Brandyberry’s harmony adds urgency, making it a standout in From Ashes to New’s catalog.

The lyrics peel back emotional manipulation, revealing the struggle for authenticity. Lines like “You’re controlling me, you tie me up like a puppet, then you pull my strings, try to turn me into something that I’ll never be” depict the battle for self-identity.

“Hope You’re Happy” lays bare the impact of such relationships on mental well-being. The bridge emphasizes the toll: “I’m sorry for the mess, I wouldn’t notice if you stabbed me in the chest.” The song pleads for recognition with the refrain “Should I sing you a happy song with a noose around my neck?” metaphorically portraying internal struggle.

Blending vulnerability and strength, “Hope You’re Happy” showcases From Ashes to New’s capacity for resonant music that speaks to human experience. Dynamic vocals, emotional instrumentals, and relatable themes position it as a track to deeply connect with listeners and potentially become a radio mainstay.

5. Barely Breathing

“Barely Breathing” serves as a poignant breakup anthem, diverging from the band’s intense themes. Opening with “Now you’re leaving, I’m the one who’s bleeding, cut out a piece of me and now I’m barely breathing,” it delves into the aftermath of shattered love, connecting with those who’ve felt loss. The melodic track offers vulnerability amidst the band’s robust sound, inviting listeners to connect with universal heartbreak. Lyrics delve into deception, with “You were my heroin, you used to get me high, but all you cared about was selling me a lie.” The plea for closure echoes in lines like “Give me a reason, you’re silent when I’m screaming.” Through its emotive lyrics, “Barely Breathing” offers introspection amid From Ashes to New’s musical landscape, evoking empathy and reflection.

6. Dead To Me

Get ready for an electrifying experience as this track ignites with intense energy. No spoilers, just an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in this auditory firework. With the first note, adrenaline surges, and a grin spreads. “We’ve been headed for a breakdown, stranded in a toxic state of mind,” the lyrics begin, capturing fervent emotions. The explosive blend of lyrics and instrumentals mirrors being on the edge, ready to burst free. Every chord resonates with defiance and reclamation, powerful for lyrics that seethe with resentment. The chorus cements the sentiment, capturing betrayal and heartbreak. The track empowers listeners to break free from toxicity, exuding strength and liberation. With relentless rhythm and fierce vocals, it’s an invigorating experience of self-respect and declaration.

7. Monster In Me

“Monster In Me” channels Linkin Park‘s influence into an invigorating blend, fusing Brandyberry’s rap and Case’s screams seamlessly. Their vocal partnership leaves a lasting impact. The song delves into personal identity and societal pressures, capturing the weight of refusal to conform. Brandyberry’s verses express internal battles, touching on isolation and mental anguish. The chorus’s vulnerability reflects the struggle to reconcile inner demons with outward appearances. The track’s climax takes a defiant turn, choosing self-empowerment over negative influences. With emotional depth, resonant themes, and powerful vocals, “Monster In Me” showcases From Ashes to New’s prowess in crafting introspective music.

8. Echoes 

“Echoes” captivates with its intricate layers and evocative sound, marking a personal favorite. The song’s gradual synthesizer build-up and gritty intensity hold an entrancing perfection. It begins with an exhausted sentiment, reflecting the struggle to be heard in a world of indifference. The chorus pleads for understanding, embodying the internal battle against emptiness. The track delves deep into inner turmoil, addressing suffocating thoughts and the desire for liberation. “Echoes” serves as a mirror to human experiences, painting a vivid picture of isolation and the universal longing for connection. With emotional weight and skillful composition, the song stands as a testament to From Ashes to New’s prowess.

9. Armageddon

“Armageddon,” the album’s fourth single, captivates from its opening lines, delivering a profound narrative. With themes of societal turmoil and human fragility, it resonates deeply. This track’s addictive rhythm and harmonious blend of vocals and instrumentals build into an unforgettable crescendo. “Armageddon” is more than music; it’s an immersive experience that showcases the band’s creative prowess. Reflecting the world’s chaos, it offers a semblance of order through its meticulously crafted soundscapes. With poetic lyrics and vocal brilliance, this track stands as an exquisite masterpiece, epitomizing the album’s essence and musical perfection.

10. Legacy

Channeling Chester Bennington‘s essence, Case delivers a vocal masterpiece in “Legacy.” The song’s emotional depth and authenticity resonate profoundly, reflecting the journey from outcast to powerhouse. The parallel to Bennington’s vocal prowess is striking, underscoring Case’s impressive range and intensity. From Ashes to New excels with “Legacy,” a track that elevates the album. With compelling vocals, resonant lyrics, and skilled instrumentals, it’s an unforgettable experience that embodies self-empowerment. The song’s energy and emotion linger, leaving a lasting impression and cementing its status as a standout piece within the album’s artistry.

11. Until We Break ft. Memphis May Fire

From Ashes to New and Memphis May Fire unite in “Until We Break,” delivering an intense, genre-defying experience. This collaboration addresses division, chaos, and resilience, mirroring society’s struggles. The track’s dynamic fusion blends their distinct styles, showcasing melodic interludes and powerful bursts of aggression. “Until We Break” stands as a testament to rock’s versatility, effortlessly merging alternative, metal, and post-hardcore elements. With its bold message to break free from conformity and confront the challenges of the modern world, the song reflects the strength of unity amidst adversity.

12. Broken By Design

From Ashes to New concludes their album with the powerful “Broken By Design,” an intense and weighty track. The song’s impactful lyrics and heavy instrumentation from Lance Dowdle (lead guitar) and Mat Madiro (drums) create a resonant sonic landscape. Addressing a world in turmoil, the song reflects the struggle within a broken system. Its urgency mirrors the challenges faced, reminiscent of Five Finger Death Punch‘s style. The unyielding rhythm and vocals emphasize authenticity. “Broken By Design” encourages facing harsh truths, making it an anthemic catharsis for those who confront life’s challenges head-on. This emotive and intense track fittingly concludes an album that probes the depths of the human experience.

The album Blackout unquestionably deserves its perfect 10/10 rating. Its brilliance isn’t solely due to its intelligent and engaging lyrics that practically compel you to sing along; it’s an album that demands multiple listens. From Ashes to New has struck a musical goldmine with this release, leaving me eager for a potential deluxe edition to further enrich this already exceptional collection. Having witnessed their electrifying live performance in 2019, I became an instant fan. It’s an honor witness their journey as they ascend to greater heights; they’re a band with a bright future. I’m eagerly anticipating their possible Deluxe Edition, and I’m fervently hoping for a tour stop to catch them live once more. From Ashes to New are an unstoppable tandem of talent, and the guitar artistry displayed on this album is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

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