Vince Lui’s musical catalog touches the souls of all listeners

Vince Lui’s musical catalog touches the souls of all listeners

Based out of the OC area of SoCal, singer-songwriter Vince Lui (formerly of Hoi Polloi) is back for a solo endeavor to rock your soul with the hopes of changing a few lives through his music. 

Lui already has a handful of releases on streaming platforms to jam down on, all with a message that can be taken straight to heart with hope that it touches some of those that may be in troublesome or complicated situations. His reason for making his music is “…the opportunity to share my love and personal musical appreciation of both traditional reggae and rock ‘n roll, while still respecting my strong values of faith.”

Although this is a fresh start for Lui as a solo act, he’s absolutely no stranger to the scene; during the Hoi Polloi years, the band shared the stage with well-known acts like Steel Pulse, Bad Brains, Pato Banton and Eek-a-Mouse. Now as a solo-artist, he’s performed with a new generation of artists such as Triple Thread, Tomorrows Bad Seeds and The B Foundation (just to name a few…)

Photo by Jose Corona Jr. (The Corona Chronicles)

On to the music! Vince describes his sound as a mixture of SoCal reggae influenced rock, with island and tribal rhythms. One thing I’ve noticed while soaking up his tunes is that his vocals are intrinsically strong and clear; this man is on a mission to speak to you through the airwaves. 

“Pago, Pago” is one of his earliest singles, giving an intimate encounter of what paradise is for him. Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa, a jungle covered island floating in the South Pacific with breathtaking views and vibrant island life (I’d sing about it too!). 

Another release from 2020, “Heads on Fire” is a game changing tune with concise instructions on how to change your mindset from iniquity, to something a bit more love-based. There’s no need to conquer the world, so drive out those evil thoughts and adopt a little faith, it may change your whole reality. Your vibe attracts your tribe, my friends.

Lui’s third single tells the tale of taking accountability for your life. From my point of view, it suggests you don’t have to be a product of your environment. It’s up to you to get on the right path if the one you’re on isn’t all that savory. Pay attention to the guitar work in this one, and be sure and check out the music video on YouTube!

Shakamon makes a smooth guest appearance on Lui’s latest drop titled “I Got U”; an uplifting island-vibe love tune that can do no wrong in my eyes (or ears). Dedicate this groove to that one person you just can’t get out of your head and let ‘em know how you feel! There may or may not be a sexy saxophone living inside there somewhere…

When asked what Lui hopes to accomplish with his music and lyrics, he replied “Allowing my art the freedom of expression to share my true love for humanity through Agape Love and touching as many souls with topics of personal life, faith, struggles, love, and redemption. I hope these subjects will allow an opportunity for someone to read these lyrics who might be going through the same issues with some insight through my eyes, and provide help for them in a positive direction.” 

Get yourself an earful of this feel-good music and check out what this man has to offer. You never know, he just may change your outlook of any situation for the better! 

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