Gary Nesta Pine releases ‘Revelations’ album

Legendary Jamaican reggae pioneer Gary Nesta Pine not only has an impressive history in the genre, but has had an integral role in shaping the music we hear today. Gary became the lead singer for The Wailers band in 1998. This legendary band lead by Aston “Family Man” Barrett, performed and created many hits with Bob Marley during Bob’s lifetime. During Gary’s eight years with The Wailers, he played an important part in music history by continuing to spread what is considered the most revolutionary, yet peaceful and ground-breaking music in modern times. Fans and critics alike agree that Gary never attempted to imitate Bob; rather, he brought a level of creativity and raw intensity to the stage that kept each performance fresh, while performing his own original tunes, “Light It up”, “Dem Wouldn’t Live”, “Fighting For The Right Thing”, and “Be Wise”. Gary quickly became known as a charismatic and crowd-motivating artist. He is also known and loved for his distinctive voice, his magnetic personality, attention-grabbing stage presence and his energetic performances.

It is very difficult to listen to this album and not move something on your body,

With those qualities complimenting a solid roots foundation, technically proficient musical ability and an undeniable passion for the craft, you’ve got a sound that is capable of long tail growth and musical evolution as well as an almost guaranteed hit album.

Gary Nesta Pine’s second album titled Revelations is an excellent example of all of the above qualities and, if nothing else, is an exciting indicator of what we could see from him in the future. Varying between driving roots reggae riffs, mellow rhythms and riding constant, captivating bass lines, Revelations is a perfect album for closing out the warm summer nights.

It is very difficult to listen to this album and not move something on your body, whether it’s bobbing your head or tapping your feet, the melodies demand that you respond. And Gary is absolutely captivating on this record. Both his lyrics as well as his energy will have every listener locked in, guaranteed.

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Track listing

  1. The Herbs
  2. Woman Like You
  3. Mr Wall Street
  4. Love Generation
  5. Great Kings of Africa
  6. Thanks and Praise
  7. Pirates
  8. Justice
  9. Live the Love
  10. That’s the Way
  11. Natural High
  12. Ragga Muffin
  13. Dancing In the Rain

Gary Nesta Pine promo video

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Release Date August 26, 2016 • Copyright: 2016 Gary Nesta Pine

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