HIRIE’s ‘Wandering Soul’ album review

Wandering Soul is the highly anticipated sophomore full length album from Philippine-born HIRIE. With this release the band culminates just about every style that they have played over the years and incorporates it into one album consisting of eleven tracks of tight hooks and unprecedented arrangements.

2013s self titled album saw the band heavily exploring their traditional reggae roots while also mixing in a bit of R&B and pop. The new album Wandering Soul, which is scheduled to be released on all digital outlets August 19th, 2016, manages to carry over the sounds of the last album while expanding upon it with what seems to be a more laid back and vibrant sound.

“that song brought me to tears every time I tried to sing it in the vocal booth…”

HIRIE commented, “I’ve definitely felt like a gypsy – having lived in so many countries (Philippines, Italy, UK, Hawaii, Mainland U.S.) and even more so having toured and slept in so many hotel rooms, on living room floors, and more. This kind of gypsy existence excites me. Being a Wandering Soul can mean so many things, and I hope my listeners will find their own questions within the album about themselves and everything around them.”

The opening and title track “Wandering Soul” provides a nice opening sequence that eases the listener in and sets the mood for the remainder of the tracks. Things kick into high gear two songs away on the track featuring Nahko titled “Renegade” as it jumps quickly from a furious reggae song to a furious reggae song with a great guest appearance. The track is followed up with a mellow, almost dubby number titled “Don’t Take My Ganja” which doesn’t require much imagination to understand what the underlaying message is all about. For HIRIE, who is a full-time mother, wife, and musician, the track “Melody of A Broken Heart” evokes the most emotion from her. HIRIE adds, “that song brought me to tears every time I tried to sing it in the vocal booth, so I never actually got through a full-take. Being about my daughter and the heartache I feel being away from her, this song brings the most emotion out of me. You can hear me running in place and sniffling, which Danny (my producer) left in there.”

With the release of Wandering Soul, HIRIE and her backing band has found a sweet spot for all of the harmonies and tones that have influenced them. There is no other group out there like HIRIE and we’re glad that they have settled in and embraced their sound.

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Track listing

  1. Wandering Soul
  2. Good Vibration (feat. Trevor Hall)
  3. Renegade (feat. Nahko)
  4. Don’t Take My Ganja 
  5. Woman Comes First (feat. Nattali Rize) 
  6. Boom Fire  
  7. Melody Of A Broken Heart  
  8. You Won’t Be Alone  
  9. Queen 
  10. Almost Home
  11. Ride The Wave

HIRIE “You Won’t Be Alone” official video

Release Date: August 19, 2016 • Copyright: 2016 Hirie Music
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