GHOST.WAV is releasing a track every month, “Picture This” out tomorrow

GHOST.WAV is releasing a track every month, “Picture This” out tomorrow

New year, new you, new music. Coming out of Denver, Colorado, GHOST.WAV is busy doing their part by offering up some new tunes for your listening pleasure in 2023, promising to release a new track each month for the next year while also working to complete an album and other great projects. Their latest release, set to drop February 10th titled “Picture This”, is a solid addition to their track collection. 

For some of us, our day-to-day lives can include some form of putting on a face that you don’t normally wear, and presenting a lifestyle to others that may be a bit embellished to say the least. Whether it’s a false sense of clout you may feel entitled to, or upkeeping appearances on social media (no surprise there, right?), we can sometimes latch onto these egotistical personas and lose sight of our true selves. Nick Wimer (guitar, vocals) resonates with that notion in “Picture This”. In Wimer’s words, “The majority of confrontation and issues I find myself in, I’ve realized if I just check my ego, it’s really not that big of a deal.” (Read that again!)

The song kicks off with a simple guitar-based chord progression, quickly transitioning into the music that forms the backbone of the single; a light reggae structure coupled with hi-hat delicacies and a bassline that commands a subconscious bobbing of the head. You hear the background sounds of Wimer preparing to step to the mic and drop the first set of bars. The hip hop flavor takes over as the lyrical content flows through the beat and you start to get a sense of the message being presented to you.

Nick lays down the story of self-awareness to a lifestyle that can dictate the person, and not the other way around. In my mind, he paints the picture of how constantly portraying an image of grandeur can be a taxing way of life, but letting go of this facade and being the real you can be just as rewarding and easier on the mental. 

“In the chorus, ‘I really want to know, can you picture what you have as gold. I don’t really want to ask twice, why you giving water to the mice’,” Wimer explains, “the second line is loosely translated from a Hungarian idiom that is akin to don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Your ego defending itself makes it harder to see the gold that you are really blessed with.” 

I think there is a lot of good to be heard from this track, whichever side of the fence you may be on. Make sure to live your life as you and try to disconnect from your ego a bit more; chances are you’ll find a few more open doors with easier paths to get there..

Formed in 2021, GHOST.WAV is Nick Wimer on guitar and vocals, Mark LeBlanc Jr. on drums and Will Lovell on the bass. Together they bring an epic swirl of hip hop, rock and reggae with instrumental precision and a powerful delivery that I feel is going to secure their place on stages and in festivals all over the U.S. for the next generation of reggae-vibe concert-goers!

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