P!nk releases second single “Trustfall”  from her ninth studio album

P!nk releases second single “Trustfall”  from her ninth studio album

The amazing and talented singer, P¡nk, released her new single “Trustfall”, which is also the name of her highly anticipated album, dropping February 17. It is incredible how the music superstar is still able to make catchy records in her 23rd year as a professional artist. A few seconds of the record and you can tell it’s going to be bop, aka something to dance to. 

The lyrics start off with “It’s a trustfall baby” twice before the first verse is sung.

P!nk describes a peaceful location far away from reality and seeing it all through bloodshot eyes. Listening to people who understand each other and walk the walk.

The beat of this song immediately reminds me of a beat from Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album or Ava Max’s Diamonds & Dancefloors album. A catchy beat that makes you wanna dance and let loose.

The song starts with a consistent electronic kick, then a heavy synth bass takes over. The sound and tone are perfect to the lyrics of the record. 

The first part of the chorus, P!nk asks the questions “Are we running out of time? Are we hiding from the light? Are we just too scared to fight? For what we want tonight?” 

Then the beat drops and the second half of the chorus catches the listeners ear. “Closе your eyes and leavе it all behind / Go where love is on our side / It’s a trust fall, baby.”

Her vocals on this track along with the heavy beat are an interesting blend. This song is a great example of the range and creativity of P!nk. Compare this to her music from her first album Can’t Take Me Home. They sound so different, but are both still catchy as hell! 

Her official music video can be found here:

Find out more about P!nk’s ongoing Europe and American tour: https://www.pinktourhq.com

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