Jah Gumby ‘Humility: The Vibes of Jah G’ album review

Progressive dub reggae artist and producer Jah Gumby has recently released his brand new installment entitled Humility: The Vibes of Jah G.

It’s a great listen with tons of diversity.

The album opens up directly with an infectious mood and excellent complexity on “Thirsters Trodding”. The album’s overwhelming instrumental density is revealed with full force from the first minute. Jah Gumby, also known as Ryan Murakami, blends the instruments wonderfully along with wispy keys, scaling bass and sparkling beats in this track. It’s a great listen with tons of diversity. All frets on the bass were used here.

“Highline Ride” has a jazzy, almost Spanish guitar tone with a classic vibe that creates a mesmerizing listen. An explosion into an symphonic wall of sound takes place here, overtaking the listener. The soaring keys complement the unhinged, beautiful chaos of the instruments, as layer upon layer of sound feed off each other and give the effect of a complete 360-degree surround sound. Each song’s thick instrumentation evokes feelings from the listener on its own.

Humility: The Vibes of Jah G should not be overlooked in the vast sea of recently released albums. Take a listen — you will be pleasantly surprised!

Purchase or stream Humility: The Vibes of Jah G album:

Track listing:

  1. Thirsters Trodding
  2. Human Feel
  3. Foundational Feeling
  4. Highline Ride
  5. Original
  6. Humility
  7. Inna Different Style
  8. East of Palolo River
  9. King David’s Inspiration
  10. Tokyo Steppers
  11. No Sell Out
  12. Universal I
  13. Packratting
  14. Dibby Version
  15. Jah Musician
  16. Digital Dust

Jah Gumby Humility: The Vibes of Jah G:

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