Listen to SYNRGY’s new single “Mind Over”

Formed just over a decade ago, Southern California’s own SYNRGY blends elements of soul, reggae and rock to create dynamic songs layered in intricate grooves and a bright atmosphere. “Mind Over” is their newest single and one that offers a well-rounded showcase of what it is that they hope to convey as SYNRGY. Exemplifying a world-aware consciousness as well as an appreciation and respect of music, the SoCal band constructs a vibrant soundscape for listeners to lean in to and get lost in during this Thanksgiving week.

“I wrote this song as a direct reflection of my experiences living down in Baja California, Mexico.”

Consisting of Brian Zach (vocals, keys), Joshua Clark (guitar, back-up vox), Henry Lopez (bass) and Eric Garcia (drums), the band recorded the majority of the track in their home studio in Baja, Mexico. The song features Dread Kennedy of Ital Vibes; his verse recorded in his studio in Los Angeles, California. Once the track was recorded, it was brought to musician and recording engineer E.N Young of Imperial Sound Studios. “Watching him put his spin on our work was like Christmas morning. Getting to hear something sound 10x more professional and true to the familiar sound effects in terms of quality reggae production than when we brought it in, E.N was a killer choice for a mixing engineer. We work well together,” lead singer Brian says, “[we’re] looking forward to having him complete this next album with us.”

Speaking about the new song, Brian Zach adds, “I wrote this song as a direct reflection of my experiences living down in Baja California, Mexico. Getting to see the heightened tenseness in twisted politics, border division and the American propaganda surrounding Mexico was eye-opening. Sitting at the Border everyday to cross… being welcomed into Mexico with open arms, even as illegal citizens living in their country, but having a much harder time coming into our own country. It was a profound experience. The track denounces common labeled names we tend to put on ourselves and others in society. It’s a reminder to think for yourself, unplug from the system, look at what you actually are in your core, being true to you and taking your mind over. The hook of the song goes:

‘I’m not American, I’m not a Christian, I don’t believe in the man they call President. So, stop taking orders, open the borders, tell the news reporters… Take your Mind Over’.

With everything happening in our country and internationally politically, I believe this song was the best pick for this next single release.”

To help spread the word, the band has graciously allowed us to premiere the new track which you can listen below.

Listen to “Mind Over” SYNRGY featuring Dread Kennedy:

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