Jah Ova Evil ‘Forever Judah’ album review

Socially-conscious music has a lasting effect on the world by illuminating options for a better way to live. There are options to rise above oppression in this world, despite the cards we’re dealt, where we reside, and who’s in charge. Reggae artists are on the forefront of spreading this call to action, and one such artist Jah Ova Evil, born Alty George Nunes III, is forever preserved in the ‘reggae revival’ movement from his messages of love, equality, and solidarity. Formerly, Lil Joe of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Jah Ova Evil altered his moniker to reflect surviving a sudden cerebral aneurysm November of 2009; the second aneurysm rendered Jah Ova Evil in the hospital where he sadly passed on February 7th, 2011 at age 24. His first album, Man From Judah, was released postmortem in July 2012, with contributions from T.O.K., Konshens, Krayzie Bone, and Ky-Mani Marley.

Although gone, his influential music and messages live on through the surviving Nunes brothers – Jahnoi and Alijah, or Selah and The Gideon, respectively – who honor their eldest brother under the Jah Ova Evil collective name. Continuing in their brother’s tradition, the Nunes brothers are teamed up with friends to unveil Forever Judah – an album dedicated to Jah Ova Evil’s legacy. The LP features many guest appearances, including Hempress Setiva, D’Excell, Nicole Miller, Jahwawah, and never before heard recordings of Lil Joe himself! Mixing jazz, soul, hip hop, dancehall, and electronic music, the album showcases many talents spanning many genres, and all pushing positive vibes.

The album is anti-violence as a whole, but moreover pro love, pro salvation, pro unity, and pro self-realization. 

The physical release of the Forever Judah album drops March 3rd off Slovakia-based Batelier Records, and Founder Renaud Devaliere cannot be more excited about the pairing. “We believe in the potential of these artists who work together in order to influence our world.” The first track “Belly of the Beast” is the epitome of this effort: there is “too much blood in the streets” and “the only way to diffuse” this “time bomb” is through educating the youth. Jah Ova Evil returns from the ethereal realm of the afterlife to preach such messages, and that alone is symbolic enough to stop killing each other. The first single off the LP is “Badadeng Remix”, featuring both brothers singing together for the first time. The track outlines how easy it could be without the need for violence: put down your K’s and 9 millimeters” to notice all the pretty “senoritas”. It’s that easy! Excerpts from the brothers’ Jamaican and European tours makes up the video for the single, and if you pay attention closely, viewers can distinguish over 20 artist cameos from beginning to end!

The album is anti-violence as a whole, but moreover pro love, pro salvation, pro unity, and pro self-realization. Deliverance happens in several ways, and it all stems from loving one another in the short lifespan we’re allocated. Selah preaches this point in “Spread Love”, claiming that you can never be at peace with yourself if you’re at war with others… no matter how much you meditate! In a reggae spin on a Disney movie-like mentality, Jawawah says deliverance can be achieved through finding your soulmate in “Your King is On the Way”; even though most of the songs on the album is geared to the world at large, this particular track says romantic love can change the world just as much. Whether through weed-smoking or Jah-praising, you can surpass all trials and tribulations.

The album will be available on all major digital outlets, and for more information on the Jah Ova Evil collective, click here.

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Track listing

  1.  Belly Of The Beast (Jah Ova Evil)
  2. Roots Reggae Rock (The Gideon)
  3. Uncivil Unrest (D’Excell)
  4. Your King Is On The Way (Jahwawah)
  5. Sweet Thing (Nicole Miller)
  6. Badadeng (The Gideon/Selah)
  7. Spread Love (Selah)
  8. Children Of Israel (The Gideon)
  9. Strive (D’Excell)
  10. Jah Live (Hempress Setiva)
  11. Haile Jah (Selah)
  12. Highest (The Gideon)
  13. Roll It Up (D’Excell)
  14. Jah Love (Nicole Miller)

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“Badadeng Remix” Video:

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