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Singer Jon Wayne, of Jon Wayne and The Pain, has overcome a circumstance that many people unfortunately never do. At 27-years-old, Jon was homeless, living on the streets, addicted to heroin and to alcohol. Fortunately for Jon, he was given another chance. He reached out to MusiCares and they gave him the tools to help him fight for his life back. MusiCares is a foundation whose goal is to improve the health and welfare of the music community by working with musicians in times of financial, medical, or personal crisis. Fast-forward eight years, Jon Wayne conveys, “Had it not been for the foundation’s generous contribution to my recovery, I would have not only lost my music career, yet more importantly my life. Today, at 35, I’m happily married, heavily touring with my band and progressing as a musician, and a person.”

“Giving back with this new album and continuing to sponsor addicts, is the least I can do,” says Wayne.

Jon Wayne and The Pain has just released their fourth highly-anticipated album titled, Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe. In celebration of this, the band has also dropped a new music video for the song “Thankful” off the new album. What makes the release of this album that much more special and meaningful is that one dollar of every CD sold is going to the foundation that saved Jon Wayne’s life, MusiCares. “Giving back with this new album and continuing to sponsor addicts, is the least I can do,” says Wayne.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe is different from the last three albums because they have added a mixture of electronic wind instruments, acoustic guitar, bass, dub-electro centric keys, and a touch of hip-hip in the track “Helpful”, featuring Zion I, to create a new style of acoustic-electric dub music. The song “Thankful” is the band’s latest music video, and is harder, edgier than the normal JWP sound. The sound effects and reverb suck you into the album, since it’s conveniently track number one on the LP! With a cutting guitar sound and reverb on the drums, the song is almost disorienting, matching the delirium in the lyrics of overcoming Jon’s past addictions. His life “has been painful”, now he is healthy and grateful! With a, dare we say, dubstep bridge accompanying whammy bars and psychadelic echoes, “Thankful” emits to the listener a fair description of being immersed in the middle of a drug-induced psychoactive whirlwind… and JWP is the conductor of the the trip train. Following “Thankful” on the album is the title track, that, surprisingly, is the same “Thankful” song in a new light?? That’s right, the lyrics are so nice, Jon Wayne had to sing it twice! “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” tangents from the opening track with a more traditional JWP timbre and tonality, reassuring listeners that though the band may stray from what fans know and love, it’s all about accepting the past to voyage into the future. In addition to their funky sound, Jon Wayne and The Pain strive to be ‘messengers of goodness’ when it comes to social consciousness in this conflicted world today. Tracks like “Helpful” with Zion I preach that although we may “walk through clutter and decay” in the world today, life is about finding where you fit in to help others. Be good to yourself, your planet, your tribe. This LP definitely is the most interesting one that Jon Wayne and The Pain ever put forth, and with so many twists and turns when it comes to genre-bending, any music lover won’t be disappointed.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe is available now online and at all live shows along with three pervious albums and band merchandise. Check upcoming tour dates below to experience this captivating band that has been mesmerizing fans for nearly a decade.

Download Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe on:

Track listing

  1. Thankful
  2. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe
  3. Helpful (feat. Zion I)
  4. Pilot Whales
  5. Pilot Dub
  6. Ganja Police
  7. Love or War
  8. Further Out
  9. Profit Over People
  10. Adab’lldóya
  11. Tryin’ Hard (Bonus Track)

“Thankful” music video

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