Jaya the Cat to release 5th studio album

The self-proclaimed ‘drunk-reggae-punks’ of the ska world are at it again! Jaya the Cat, Americans now hailing from Amsterdam, is set to release their fifth studio album A Good Day for the Damned in a few short weeks off Bomber Music. And, let us just tell you – this 15-track album is nothing to fuck with.

…witty lyrics, hilarious delivery and a DGAF attitude… in other words, welcome one and all to the carnival that is Jaya the Cat.

A Good Day for the Damned features all the usual JtC antics: tongue-in-cheek lyrics, multiple bouts of oi-oi-oi’s, punk up-tempo beat progressions and subtle political commentary. Combine that with carnival keys, a bubble organ and a funky horn section and you’ve got yourself one hell of a rabbit hole to fall down. Although punk by nature, Jaya the Cat infuses reggae riffs and catchy choruses to keep the listeners dancing in between moshing. So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

The first track, “Wine Stained Futon”, may or may not be an allusion to the boy’s being now around the proverbial block, releasing their fifth album and feeling like the industry has come, conquered, and left more than a few reminders on their cushions. Or, maybe it’s an ode to an old college couch they refuse to part ways with. Who could say? Metaphorical conclusions aside, the track is loaded with witty lyrics, hilarious delivery and a DGAF attitude… in other words, welcome one and all to the carnival that is Jaya the Cat. Whether your plight is minor or magnanimous, JtC says you have to appreciate life to the fullest. Great things just sort of happen, for instance, having “someone confused as fuck why they love you” or “living across the street from a place that has awesome burritos”. Don’t question it; just go with it. Moving on down the line, “A Rough Guide to the Future” illuminates how the Orwell’s 1984 was more of an accurate guess versus the post-apocalyptic epic our teachers told us it was. Nasty liars, those teachers are… The song labels current political leaders as unfit and the public blind: handing the “keys to a Porsche” to someone destined to just drop us anywhere. We complain that the world is a circus, yet are electing ringleaders to put on a good show. Big Tops run on the art of misdirection, after all. Speaking of distractions, Jaya the Cat is not immune to the biggest of them all – love. In fact, their “Fucking In Love” song paints a healthy picture of what it’s all about. With a reggae-friendly timbre, a walking bass and a slow tempo, Jaya the Cat sets the scene for lovers. And, while you’re in the mood, might as well throw a few back for the sake of living! “Sunday Morning” is all about YOLO, and when Sunday finally rolls out of bed, don’t despair – your hangover goes well with the self-titled track. It’s “A Good Day for the Damned”, alright… now take some Aspirin and Netflix chiggity-check yourself, for you’ve done a prime job wrecking yourself. 

A Good Day for the Damned drops on all digital outlets November 17th and is now available for pre-order. Vinyl lovers rejoice – there’s a physical pressing of the album, too! The album release stands smack dab in the middle of Jaya the Cat’s ongoing European fall tour, with the United Kingdom and Germany shows sprinkled throughout the end of the year. For more information on everything Jaya the Cat, visit www.jayathecat-band.com.

Pre-order A Good Day for the Damned:

Track listing:

  1. Wine Stained Futon
  2. A Rough Guide to the Future
  3. Sweet Eurotrash
  4. Black Heart
  5. Huddersfield Rain
  6. Just Leave Me There
  7. Wreckage
  8. Amsterdam
  9. The Palm Reader’s Face Looks Shocked
  10. Fucking In Love
  11. Sunday Morning
  12. A Good Day for the Damned
  13. The Streets of Shoreditch
  14. Mat At You
  15. Drunk Balloon

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