The Ries Brothers ‘The View From Outside’ album review

To summarize early, this really is a genuinely attractive and overall smile-inducing set of 13 tracks from Florida’s The Ries Brothers. There are some really thought provoking lines scattered about the album; some of which will drift over you of course, but some which really do weave their way into your brain and are hugely relatable.

The Ries’s debut album The View From Outside displays much promise for the bluesy, reggae-rock genre of music. Think Jack White, meets John Mayer, meets Slightly Stoopid. This is an album that absolutely deserves multiple listens as there are so many pieces and idiosyncrasies it is impossible to truly digest them all from the first listen.

This is an album that absolutely deserves multiple listens

Plenty have tried and failed attempting to mix blues, rock and reggae into a coherent sound, but overall The Ries Brothers have delivered a solid effort. First track, “It’s Never Me” screeches out of the speakers with more than a hint of the raspy vocal sound of Charlie Ries before the screaming guitar riffs up the ante. Their cross-over style really comes to the foreground creating a consistent mix.

The track “Closer to You” is similarly captivating with a heavy melodic synth line vibe, complimenting a raging vocal delivery. The synth on this track shreds over an incredible drum beat that is relentless in pace and precision. The intensity and power of the music is unforgiving and the musicianship on display is incredible for such a young band.

The majority of studio work took place in St. Petersburg, Florida under the careful supervision of genre-bending veteran Ted Bowne of Passafire, who additionally assumes a guest appearance on “No Place I’d Rather Be.” The tracks featured in the album are a culmination of the brother’s past five years of songwriting. Sonic garnish came from the studio help of Kenny Bongos (percussion) of SOJA, Allon Sams (keys), and Kyle Schroeder (sax).

It’s a heartwarming and enjoyable album, and one which both lights up a rainy day but also inspires deep thought. Isn’t that exactly what music is meant to do?

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Track listing

  1. It’s Never Me
  2. Closer to You
  3. Street Lights
  4. Echoing Dream
  5. Neon Signs
  6. Run To The Sea
  7. The View From The Outside
  8. Sentimental Games
  9. No Place I’d Rather Be (ft. Ted Bowne of Passafire)
  10. Something
  11. Unrequited
  12. Without You
  13. Road Map

“Street Lights” – The Ries Brothers

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Release date: November 10, 2017 • Copyright: ℗© 2017 The Ries Brothers

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