Johnny Richter’s ‘Schools Out (Still Laughing)’ album review

If you’re in need of something new and refreshing for your summer party playlist, look no further than Johnny Richter‘s newest release, Schools Out (Still Laughing). With a larger-than-life fusion of progressive hip hop and electro influenced beats, Schools Out (Still Laughing) is the type of album that is bound to put you in an uplifted state of mind while getting your head bobbing. Richter’s well-defined voice is the perfect complement to the album’s lively instrumentals.

From the very first minutes of listening to the album, you’ll quickly be introduced to the magic of Johnny Richter. Instantly you can hear the passion and emotion begin to flow through the speakers as the rattling and sharper-than-ever Richter grabs the mic bringing the essence of hip hop with each hard hitting bar.

The instrumentals are an absolute beast

The next notable track from the album is titled “Burb Words” and features cuts from the one and only Potluck. The instrumentals are an absolute beast, with enough bassy boom to keep that head nodding. Next up is track five titled “Kill It.” Richter comes through swinging for homeruns on this one, showcasing his ever growing versatility.

This is a fun album that is sure to please music lovers from all musical backgrounds and add a touch of spice to the lives of those who haven’t previously sought out this sort of sound in their playlists. We recommend to get a hold Schools Out (Still Laughing) in any way you can.

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Track listing

  1. Insanely Amazing
  2. Keep On Keepin On
  3. Something’s Gotta Give
  4. Burb Words (feat. Potluck)
  5. Kill It
  6. Way Out
  7. Forward Moving
  8. Mad Cow
  9. Visions (feat. Brawdcast)
  10. Ahh Yea
  11. Conflict
  12. Reflections
  13. Give & Take
  14. High On Life

Johnny Richter “Kill It”

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Release Date: July 29, 2016 • Copyright: (C) 2013 Suburban Noize Records

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