They Say Jump unveils ‘Lift Your Mood’ EP

Reggae music has an uncanny ability to be able to blend with other genres, whether that be hip hop, rock, ska, electronica, island, country and more. It’s just one of those smooth designations, molding to most rhythms with ease! And, this is true especially of late: as contemporary music continues to evolve, reggae has been known to play the fusion card, with bands utilizing elements within the genre to combine with others in order to produce a novel, fresh sound. Which is good, considering that genre-bending leads to advancement of the industry; what would music be if artists avoided the unfamiliar?  

They Say Jump actually pulled off a strangely intriguing and beyond energizing union of sound and style

Philosophical questions aside, one UK band in particular has taken this approach to the next level. London-based They Say Jump got their start in 2010, and has since acquired a new lead singer (as well as quite a following). After their initial live success, They Say Jump released their debut LP One Hundred Summers in September of 2013 to rave reviews. Since their inaugural album, They Say Jump has worked diligently to not only garner new fans, but to have their next release be a bit of a wild card… which is to say the least about their forthcoming Lift Your Mood EP. 

Set to hit all major digital outlets on August 12th, Lift Your Mood consists of five tracks, seven band members, one Horseman, and 20 or so different musical classifications. The main musical constituents featured on the EP are reggae, EDM, and Latin fusion, but there are also traces of drum-and-bass, cumbia, R&B, to name a few. Although that description comes across like the band might’ve shredded modern music to its core, They Say Jump actually pulled off a strangely intriguing and beyond energizing union of sound and style. You just have to hear it to believe it. The lead single off the EP, “Can’t Chase Me”, features DJ Horseman, political overtones, and a fierce EDM beat. From the introduction, the track takes off with a building tempo, lyrics condemning government oppression, and an overwhelming sense of societal entitlement. With all of this thrown at the listener at once, anxiety builds to create the call-to-action the band wants, for it’s time to live above the law – to live “free like a bird in a tree”. They Say Jump pulls back the beat in the bridge: we’ll give you time to catch your breath, but you “can’t catch me”. The album’s self-titled track comes second, with the tempo still high, yet not as rigorous as before. “Lift You Mood” proffers a differing synthesis of instruments, most notably classic keys against Latin horns. Lyrics like “this is the high point, we’ve arrived” tell the listener that it’s moreover important to enjoy the ‘now’, not just engage in the previous track’s push for changing the ‘now’. From politics to relationships to partying, They Say Jump covers all the bases in their new EP.

For more information about They Say Jump, you can visit their Facebook page and be sure to look for Lift Your Mood in digital stores soon!

Track listing

  1. Can’t Chase Me
  2. Lift Your Mood
  3. Twilight
  4. Reggae Music
  5. Surrender

They Say Jump “Can’t Chase Me” featuring Horseman

Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Website | Twitter 
Release date: August 12, 2016

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