Julie Lavery combines truth and music with single, “Dr. Doctor”

Julie Lavery combines truth and music with single, “Dr. Doctor”

Nashville, Tennessee, being known as a mecca for music in the United States, there seems to be a never ending amount of singer/songwriters popping up here on an endless loop. Many become interchangeable and indistinguishable from one another and while many are decent enough singers, I don’t often find most of them to be memorable. As a music journalist covering countless shows and artists during my time here, I can say without hesitation that Indie artist Julie Lavery is completely unforgettable. Her beautiful voice and fiery red hair are enough to get her to stand out in any musical crowd but it’s her lyricism and songwriting style that sets her apart from everyone else. Much like activist musicians like Joan Baez and Carly Simon, Julie sings as if there are no secrets between her and her fans. Often discussing socially charged topics such as politics, religion, women’s rights and mental health,

Julie doesn’t censor herself for the benefit of appeasing the music industry.

Instead she faces hard topics head on, passionately singing from the heart for the benefit of anyone willing to listen. 

Her latest single “Dr. Doctor”, which was released on November 10th is a powerful song Julie wrote during the pandemic when many of us were struggling through the toughest emotional times we have ever faced. It touches upon the concepts of dealing with a deep depression and seeking help beyond what friends and family can provide. Something I think almost all of us can profoundly relate to. When discussing the song Julie states, “I have always used songwriting as a way to get my feelings off my chest and organize my thoughts. I wrote this song to help me get through the tough time but I released the song in hopes that it would find other people who are also going through a hard time and let them know they aren’t alone and not the only ones who get stuck in a period of darkness.” As an advocate for mental health and wellness I truly hope the words of Julie Lavery touch your life in a positive way and I encourage you to share it with others who might need it too. It is my belief that if given the time and the opportunity Julie Lavery can become one of the most profound singer/songwriters of our time. 

Be sure to listen to the song on your preferred streaming platform. 

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