Nashville’s Kendall Bowser stirs souls with EP, ‘Sober Truths’

Nashville’s Kendall Bowser stirs souls with EP, ‘Sober Truths’

Nashville indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Kendall Bowser invites listeners on a soul-stirring journey with her latest EP, Sober Truths released on November 3rd.

The five-track collection is an exploration of love, loss, and the intricate web of emotions that linger in the aftermath of a broken relationship.

The song “Got Away” sets the tone for the entire album’s meaning as Kendall, delves into the complexities of a romance that didn’t work out and the lingering questions and feelings she now has to deal with. While the song is sung beautifully, the lyrics seem to hold so much anger and frustration, which completely contrasts the soft smoothness of Kendall’s vocal style. 

Songs like “You’re Mine” and “You don’t call me” focus on the next stages of moving on. The inability to let go and the pain that comes with hearing about all the good things happening in the life of your ex. Especially stated in “You don’t call me”, which is a song that explores the bittersweet irony that accompanies the realization that a former flame has now found sobriety, even if it means the romantic connection is forever severed. Secretly wishing that he falls off the wagon to resume communication.  

The rest of the album unfolds like a nuanced story, capturing moments that most listeners will feel deep empathy and understanding toward. In the song “Healthy”, Kendall expresses her grief in the lyrics “Wish you could be healthy for me, but you’re not healthy for me.” Something even I felt emotionally triggered thinking about while reflecting on my own past relationships. I found the concept of hoping for something desperately while also acknowledging the futility of such thoughts to be profoundly relatable. 

Kendall avoids dwelling and wallowing as the album comes to a close with the song “Like I do”. She chooses instead to embrace the complexities and necessity of every facet of being brokenhearted. Proclaiming that nobody really knows her like she knows herself. With that observational and empowering prowess, Kendall Bowser crafts an EP that serves as a comforting space for the heartbroken, reminding us that the journey to healing is as essential as the destination. “Sober Truths” is a testament to Kendall Bowser’s ability to transform personal experiences into a universal narrative, making it a must-listen for those seeking solace in the beauty of acknowledging the intricacies of the human heart.

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