Jus Goodie premieres ‘Reggae Rock’ EP

Justin Goodman (Jus Goodie) has made his mark on the reggae-rock scene for a while, with two full-length albums already under his Boulder, Colorado belt. After touring extensively around the United States, both as a headliner and as part of big name reggae acts, Jus Goodie has taken solace playing guitar and singing harmonies with E.N Young’s solo project, Imperial Sound Band since 2015– all the while working on his own material. Talk about a multi-tasker…

Following his sophomore LP On Time in 2015, Jus Goodie has recently unveiled Reggae Rock: a six-track EP featuring a dub track, loads of sentiment, impressive melodies, and the Roots Musician Records family. Produced by friend and bandmate E.N Young out of his Imperial Sound Recording Studio, Reggae Rock is all about getting the message of love out there – whether that is to another person, to a certain style of music, or to society at large. Blending lover’s rock with reggae with R&B with just a hint of ska, Jus Goodie sets the mood in his modern-meets-classic ode to affection.

All the tracks are catchy and danceable, yet some are just downright fun

All the tracks are catchy and danceable, yet some are just downright fun. Take “Judge and Jury”, for instance: Jus Goodie kicks up the tempo with a ska beat, adds some horns and organ keys for good measure, and includes a sax solo in the bridge that would get anyone up and dancing. Delivering social commentary set as a courtroom drama, lyrics like “what you reap is what you sew” tells the listener that karma comes to those who judge – for “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” after all! E.N Young makes his lyrical appearance on the title track “Reggae Rock”, a song about the meaning behind (you guessed it!) the growing reggae-rock movement. Jus Goodie’s message is one of peace, love, and reggae: what we need to do is find a “peaceful solution” to serve as the “revolution” we’ve waited so patiently for in this country, in this world. Jus Goodie is about to “bring the good vibes to your town”, so might as well join in on the movement and get involved.

Jus Goodie’s new EP is now available on all major digital outlets, along with his first two albums. Although solo shows are not on the calendar, he will continue touring through the end of the year with E.N Young, promoting his own music along the way. For more information, visit www.jusgoodie.com.

Preview and download Reggae Rock on:

Track listing

  1. Hit or Miss
  2. Reggae Rock (feat. E.N Young)
  3. Judge and Jury
  4. In a Heartbeat (I’ll Run)
  5. Way Back
  6. Hit or Dub

Jus Goodie “Reggae Rock”

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Reggae Rock Release Date: May 6, 2016 • Copyright: (C) 2016 Roots Musician Records

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