Justin Moore readies for release of sixth studio album, ‘Stray Dog’

Justin Moore readies for release of sixth studio album, ‘Stray Dog’

The lone wolf country artist, Justin Moore, known for hitting multi-platinum charts has brought us amazing music and made his name known all over the world. His 6th studio album Stray Dog will be available on all music platforms on May 5th, 2023 although some singles have already been released. His organic and natural talent is nothing to underestimate as he clearly expresses his rebellious and independent raw energy into his writing and lyrics. His old school style meets a new school sound, staying close to his roots yet reflecting his thoughts on being true to one’s self and not following the herd. Rolling Stone has said Moore’s music is an “upbeat mix of contemporary country and honest twang that he perfected“, but that just barely touches on what he has accomplished in his music career despite his different approach to navigating the industry.

With his humble outlook, love for his family and country, Moore represents the true American Dream; work hard, love what you do, and reap the benefits while still evolving. 

Born and raised in Poyen, Arkansas Justin Moore has gifted us with an album for all demographics to enjoy! His purpose and meaning has come out even more so in this album. Stray Dog consists of 8 songs and all of them will grab your attention, pleasing your senses

An all time new favorite track just released already blowing up the charts, “Stray Dogs” will leave your heart and mind floating with the lyrics and smooth guitar giving an honest tried and true outlook on being an outcast. Through this song he explains that we can only be happy by achieving what we set forth to do for ourselves and not for anyone else. “You’ve got to be yourself and let the chips fall in here they may. You’ve got to do you”,  Moore expresses his appreciation for the music industry with all the opportunities, but also focused on the important factors in his life; God, family, then music.

“Everybody Get Along“ featuring Riley Green is a song written on a warm relaxing day on a writer’s retreat in the beautiful tropical state of Florida. It’s a fun song talking about 2 guys with the same country laid back mentality discussing and asking why can’t everyone just get along. These two country stars know how to write a fun song and speak the truth at the same time.

Justin Moore brought a very heartfelt romantic song to the table with the track, “With A Woman You Love” but uniquely with an upbeat sound and nice smooth rhythm — not a sad, sappy love song, but more of a gratitude when you finally find that person in your life. He sings about how it changes you as a person and how something like that makes someone a better man. “With a woman you love, you’ll get home at a decent hour.” It gives hope to those that do not have that special significant other just yet while those that have need to remember how lucky they are.

“You, Me, And Whiskey” (a duet with Priscilla Block), was a great combination and super catchy, telling a story about a couple that has a bit of tension going on with their all night drinking of whiskey. Their 9-5 boring stagnant life can get a bit monotonous so they feel its time to get the party started with an almost bitter sweet passionate relationship pushing each other in those late hour drinking sessions; sometimes good, sometimes maybe not so much. The dueling voices heard mend beautifully as these two go back and forth with a pretty steamy video!

“It Wasn’t Jack” is another song on the upcoming album about missing that special person. Maybe it was the Jack Daniels, but maybe they really do miss them? This southern drinking song will keep you dancing all night long with that rocks glass in hand! Hopefully you won’t be drunk texting after this song, because it could happen! 

You’ve also got “Get Rich or Drunk Trying”, “Better Slow” and “Country On It“ to choose from on your next venture! Take this music on your next road trip, on a date, or just partying with your friends! It’s nonstop satisfaction!

Justin Moore brings the true meaning to country music with this album. Years of dedication to his craft has proven how strong he is in his conviction and keeping true to his country roots. He’s real, his music is inspiring, and he’s true to bone country, y’all! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss this drop!

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