Dale and the ZDubs take us on an emotional rollercoaster with new single, “Black Sunflower”

Dale and the ZDubs take us on an emotional rollercoaster with new single, “Black Sunflower”

A broken heart from a break-up is inevitable. We’ve all been there, had our feelings stomped on like a flaming bag of dog shit by someone we loved … or thought we loved. I know I have. Such is life though, am I right? This is the topic that fuels Dale and the ZDubs next single, “Black Sunflower”.

Life can be a bitch sometimes, why not write a catchy song about it?

Recorded in Syracuse, NY, the Washington D.C. band teamed up with producer Jason “Jocko” Randall, admiring the work he did with John Brown’s Body. They wanted his vibe to be fully integrated into this track, so work began at the More Sound Recording Studio. This light, bouncy tune carries a true tale experienced by Dale himself, exposing a painful story for all to sing along to and enjoy, ironically. 

The harder that you try, the more your denied, fightin’ in the quicksand – all the right moves try’na write a love tune, and it ain’t going to plan

This particular soured-love story is a smidge different, a bit of a gender role-reversal from the stereotypical norm. This blues-book is written about a man named Dale that meets a lovely lady at a show, pursuing a brief relationship and experiencing a whole heck-of-a-lot more feelings than his counterpart apparently did, dragging him through a gauntlet of swings-and-misses attempting to hit that soulmate “grand slam” we all aim for. At the end of the rope, it’s apparent for poor Dale that there’s no hope for a future (made crystal-clear by the actions of this “black sunflower”…) and there’s just nothing else that needs to be said. End. Finito. No más. Dale gets dumped. Regardless, it’s a fun, relatable song that will make you smile. The band is flawless in creating the main backbone bounce of the song that supports a solid chorus, housing the intoxicating sounds of gospel-grade keys.

“It was fun writing ‘Black Sunflower’; of course, it stings a little bit to get your heart broken, but we got a good song out of it,” Dale explained during our interview, “I think it’s interesting and different to write a break up song that’s light, not too heavy or depressing.”

Dale and ALL the ZDubs, combined with Jocko’s unique touch really sets this tune up for success; they’ve created a break-up anthem you didn’t know you needed for this year’s best failed love attempts. The 2023 party isn’t stopping there for DZD, they have lots more in store for your earholes. The squad plans on returning to Syracuse to record fistfuls of new music at the More Sound Recording Studio with Jocko at the helm, planning to release songs every six to eight weeks for the rest of the year. Some of these cuts will have features on ‘em from artists like Ballyhoo! and HIRIE! Also, make sure to catch them live at Reggae Rise Up Maryland to hear “Black Sunflower” from the stage speakers!

Photo by Jenna Shaw

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