Kottonmouth Kings ‘Krown Power’ album review

In September 2014 Kottonmouth Kings on their social media outlets officially announced their new album was in the final stages and set to be released in early 2015. Fast forward to almost a year later from the announcement, the psychedelic, hip-hop, punk rock California natives will be releasing their latest installment on August 28, 2015.

The KMK sound is large and infectious with eye-popping tracks

The latest KMK offering titled Krown Power is unsurprisingly an album that’s at a constant full-blast mode. Krown Power does bear some similarities to the style and tone of their 2012 release Mile High, but it leans less in the west coast hip hop vein the band displayed on the highly acclaimed 2000 release of High Society. A full 18-track album, Krown Power will be the band’s debut release on United Family Music, KMK’s own label and also their first release since the departure of founding member Johnny Richter.

Krown Power is a particularly cohesive album helped in large part by the exceptional building on the foundation of the grimy lyrics and versatile delivery. The KMK sound is large and infectious with eye-popping tracks with help from collaborators like the OG ganja farmer Marlon Asher, Jared Gomez, C4mula, Insane Clown Posse, DJ Dogboy, Chucky Chuck and Saint Dog.

KMK’s Krown Power feels uniquely raw; you can feel it in your skin and in your bones. Even for those new to Kottonmouth Kings, the album will have the power to recharge your love for grungy, crunk-style, west coast hip-hop. As a group that has been around for over two decades, Kottonmouth Kings isn’t quite struggling to try to keep themselves relevant, and it shows with Krown Power, their latest testament to their incredible dedication to the craft.

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Krown Power track listing

  1. Our City
  2. Kronitron
  3. Audio War
  4. Permastone
  5. Pump Up Da Bass (feat. Marlon Asher)
  6. Keep It Movin’ (feat. Jared Gomes)
  7. Sink or Swim
  8. Fill Your Cup
  9. Don’t Feel Down (feat. Marlon Asher)
  10. TBH (feat. C4mula)
  11. F**k Off (feat. Insane Clown Posse)
  12. Dope Thang
  13. Ganja Glow (feat. Marlon Asher)
  14. Good Time Zone (feat. DJ DOGBOY)
  15. Crack the Frame (feat. Chucky Chuck)
  16. Life In the Kingdom
  17. Mary Jane
  18. Time (feat. Saint Dog)

Kottonmouth Kings “Our City” video

Release date August 28, 2015 • United Family Music Inc.

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