The Slackers premiere via RareBreed Recording Co.

New York City is always a hubbub of activity and in 1991, a ska-punk-reggae conglomerate known as The Slackers arose out of the bustling scene. Since their formation, The Slackers have played thousands of shows around the globe, released 13 full-length studio albums, recorded three live LPs and compiled an immeasurable amount of singles, videos and more. In spite of their worldwide recognition, the band has taken over a five-year hiatus from recording until now. After teaming up with the RareBreed Recording Company, The Slackers are next in the label’s flexi subscription series, covering Ken Parker’s 1970 reggae hit “I Can’t Hide” and including their own easy-skanking track “Christine Keeler” with it!

the cover is yet another perfect example of the band’s dirty reggae style

The Slackers’ version of “I Can’t Hide” shows massive homage to the original – only slightly upping the tempo to get a skank pit circulating. With echoing vocal overlay and a fluttering bubble organ, the cover is yet another perfect example of the band’s dirty reggae style. Recorded in Portland by Brian Dixon and mixed across the country in Brooklyn by the band’s own Agent Jay Nugent, the single joins an instrumental ska song entitled “Christine Keeler” to create the third vinyl flexi for RareBreed following label co-owner Obi Fernandez’s cover of The Descendants and Anthony Raneri’s version of a Cliff Richards song.

Obi adds, “Having The Slackers contribute their unique sound to the flexi series has us super excited. They have always been one of our favorite bands and these songs are just a reminder of how much they truly are in a class of their own.”

Although the flexi will be shipped to RareBreed subscribers by the end of September, Top Shelf Reggae is proud to host the dub version premier of the track “Dub Can’t Hide.” The single is included as an immediate download for RareBreed subscribers who pre-order the upcoming flexi. With rumors of another Slackers studio album in the works, get ready to whip out your skanking shoes and settle in for The Slacker’s new sound.

The Slackers premiere of “Dub Can’t Hide”

Track listing

  1. I Can’t Hide
  2. Christine Keeler
  3. Dub Can’t Hide (free instant download after pre-order)

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