Krooked Treez brings island vibes with ‘You Better Belize It’

Krooked Treez brings island vibes with ‘You Better Belize It’
Photo cred: Lisette Guzman

It’s the return of Krooked Treez! These native Californians are dropping it hot with their sound that will leave you feeling so damn happy and inspired at the same time. It’s a multi-plexity of an old roots style with a mix of hip hop and reggae dub thrown in there with a huge smile. 

The two new songs have me coming back for more every damn time.

Dropping these songs along with videos directed and produced in Belize, “River Flow” and “Belize” are currently becoming strong currents through countries, with their straight-up positive vibe and total zen sound. “Belize”, released back on June 21st, is a cool refreshing jam that makes you want to relax with your friends through a warm summer night. It’s more of that island sound, with catchy lyrics that wrap around and around your soul as you take it all in. The lyrics are a dedication to O Brown’s family: the beats celebrate the strength of their family, the fishing, the beautiful water and their home in Belize. Pure happiness in your ears, for sure! The accompanying music video shows such beautiful sceneries, with the ocean so glassy and the pelicans flying all around — it’s the perfect breeze in your ears!

On May 20th, “River Flow” (MY FAVORITE) came forth, giving us a feel of Bob Marley and his ancestors currently surrounding these young men. An ode to the father of O Brown, “Burton Brown”  showcases his love for that classic Caribbean island sound, with the band’s own twist of reggae and hip hop blends. This song is for him, I feel. The lyrics talk about the inspired songs of old, being by the water to keep that goodness in your heart. Burton Brown introduced Bz Bwai (because of his Belize background) to his son O Brown; it was like fate had brought them together to climb this music mountain. His dad knew… he knew this was going to be amazing! Their band together all comprise of beautiful men that love to celebrate good vibes and the reggae we all love… but, they do it their own way, with their own sound. You have to hear Krooked Treez in action — I promise these songs will end up on your song list!

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Track listing:

  1. Burton Brown Intro
  2. Belize 
  3. Brown and Bz Bhai
  4. River Flow 
  5. Unwine 
  6. O Brown Interviews Dad Burton Brown in Belize 
  7. Reminisce 
  8. Good Vibe State of Mind 
  9. Burton Brown Speaks On Family 
  10. The Little Things 
  11. Love 
  12. Outro 
  13. River Flow (Stoney Eye Studios Dub Remix) 
  14. Reminisce (Soultry Dubs Remix) 

Cover photo by Lisette Guzman

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