Leilani Wolfgramm debuts “Live Wire” off upcoming EP

Songstress and guitarist Leilani Wolfgramm just released the first single, which just so happens to be the title track off her upcoming EP Live Wire, set to be released February 23rd. Wolfgramm’s unique style gives reggae a different feel by infusing R&B, pop and hip hop into her conscious and relevant music.

[Wolfgramm] elegantly addresses some of the issues that people – particularly women – deal with.

The track “Live Wire”, produced by Wolfgramm, Fredro Odesjo (multi-platinum producer for Tohoshinki/TVXQ)  and Joshua Sadlier-Brown (John Legend, Gogol Bordello, Kelly Buchanan), beautifully showcases Leilani’s versatile talents from her soulful, yet polished vocals to the way she elegantly addresses some of the issues that people – particularly women – deal with. The song focuses on the struggle women face by “chasing our demons” to constantly appear to be perfect, and to strive for public approval while giving up parts of who we truly are. Wolfgramm explains, “I write music to celebrate being alive. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad – all the lessons I’ve learned”. 

The “Live Wire” single is currently available on all digital outlets, and the full EP will be out next month. Although wrapping up the Marching Orders Winter Tour on February 9th with The Green and Sammy J, Wolfgramm is about to embark on another nationwide tour to celebrate her release! So, if you didn’t catch Leilani Wolgramm with The Green the first time around, be on the look out for when they pass through a city near you this spring; it’s a tour you won’t want to miss!

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