Leilani Wolfgramm’s ‘Rebel’ album review

Leilani Wolfgramm has come from Florida to California to spread some deep, sultry vibes. Though her roots trace back to a band with her brothers called HOR!ZEN, she has teamed up with E.N Young and Roots Musician Records in California to bring some solo music, and it is all captured in her LP, Rebel.

The album starts with a song called, “Sunshine.” Right away, listeners get a glimpse of the kind of vocals Leilani Wolfgramm provides throughout her whole album. There is no doubt there is a sultry R&B tone to her Tongan-roots style vocals, which represents an Island-style sound mixed with reggae music, of course.

The song “Rebel” finishes the album powerfully and may resonate with youthful listeners.

E.N Young is notorious for producing tracks mixed with roots-reggae style music, whether it’s from bringing in another band or by providing instrumentals himself. According to Wolfgramm, E.N Young provides drums and keys while guest horn players are heard throughout the album.

A couple of songs are pretty deep in regards to lyrics, while songs “Herbivore” and “Gold” are fun and happy. The song “Rebel” finishes the album powerfully and may resonate with youthful listeners. Wolfgramm noted songs “Intro” and “I Burn” include her previous band HOR!ZEN. Overall, Wolfgramm’s vocals can connect to the female soul through lyrics and style, while the reggae music provided accents her lead female vocals in only the way E.N Young can mix them together.

Wolfgramm’s bonus track “Love is Ours” showcases her bare guitar playing and vocals just right, to the point where one may feel they know Wolfgramm just through this song. Way to represent the female soul, Leilani!

For more information, visit her website. Wolfgramm is currently on tour with Tribal Seeds and Hirie.

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Rebel track listing

  1. Sunshine
  2. Empty
  3. Herbivore (ft. Ozzie of We Should Smoke)
  4. Delay (ft. GONZO of Tribal Seeds)
  5. Intro (ft. Hor!zen)
  6. Gold
  7. I Burn
  8. Rebel
  9. Herbivore Dub (mixed by E.N Young)
  10. Love is Ours (Bonus Track)

Leilani Wolfgramm “Herbivore” music video

Released July 22, 2014 • Roots Musician Records

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