New Kingston’s ‘Kingston City’ album review

Good things happen to good people, so the saying goes. This is inherently true for East Coast natives New Kingston as their career in the music industry recently got a little bit sweeter by joining forces with heavyweight independent reggae label Easy Star Records.

“New Kingston definitely stands out in the current scene,” says Easy Star CEO Eric Smith. “Their show is dynamic and exciting, they are one of the hardest working bands we have ever met, and every other artist we talk to has nothing but positive things to say about them. Musically, we feel they bring something different to the label, something that feels current, and at the same, brings us back to our earliest days of releasing reggae in New York.” Being some of the most hard working and humble artists in the industry, it is without a doubt a most deserving milestone for a group composed of three brothers joined by their father Courtney Panton Sr.

As a whole, the album is excellent for its uniquely positive tone which maintains a smooth delivery throughout the entire album

In addition to the record label deal, the fast-rising, multi-talented reggae family preps their third full-length album titled Kingston City for a January 27, 2015 release date.

The high energy, and lyrically taut demeanor that is typically witnessed during their live performances on stage transferred onto the album’s raging arsenal of all-encompassing reggae tunes. New Kingston’s instrumentals coupled with smooth lyrics are honest in perspective and emotionally refreshing from the get-go, bridging the gap between Jamaican and U.S. reggae.

As a whole, the album is excellent for its uniquely positive tone which maintains a smooth delivery throughout the entire album of 49 minutes on the 12 track release. Surprisingly, the vocal delivery from the three brothers in this album seem to have evolved and grown, as each has stepped up their game in that particular department.

The opening track “Today” starts off strong as it puts its best foot forward with a heavy running bass line giving Tahir’s heavy synth a chance to really shine. It goes without saying that the lead and rhythm guitar in this particular genre typically takes the backseat, however the subtly deep layering of the guitar riffs on this track really make this an impressive track. As the album progresses, the melodies open up as should the volume knob on your listening device. Tracks like “Mystery Babylon,” “Can’t Stop A Man,” “Good Luck Charm” and “Key To Life” really illustrate their overall talent with tightly constructed harmonies and melodies that are only true to New Kingston.

Kingston City is a genuine body of work that displays an incredible vocal range, candid lyrics and impressive instrumentals. It gives the listener the sort of meaningful connection and escape that every piece of music should provide.

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Kingston City track listing

  1. Today
  2. Mystery Babylon (feat. Madd T-Ray) [E.N Young of Tribal Seeds]
  3. Who Tell Them
  4. Can’t Stop A Man
  5. Honorable
  6. You Are Mine (feat. Kimie Miner)
  7. Good Luck Charm
  8. Protect Me (feat. The Wailing Souls)
  9. Certain Girls (feat. Sugar Minott)
  10. Key To Life
  11. I Believe In Me
  12. Conquer Dem (feat. Sister Carol)

If you’re lucky enough to be in the East Coast early February, make sure to catch one of New Kingston’s record release shows in their hometown of Brooklyn, NY. For more information about New Kingston, give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

New Kingston “Can’t Stop A Man” (Lyric video)

Release date January 27, 2015 • Easy Star Records

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