Lion Heights ‘Same Situation’ album review

There is a slight novelty aspect to the way the four-piece Texan band Lion Heights dazzle their listeners on their latest release to the world titled Same Situation. Their musical chops are undeniably, flashy versions of what you would hear come out of legendary artists like Bob Marley or Gregory Isaacs. The 11 track album loosely pays tribute to these roots legends.

Same Situation deserves a spot in your music library

Such tracks as “Dream Girl,” “Wander on Girl” and “Too Young” play like giddy summer romances, striking the delicate balance of charming and nostalgic. Same Situation combines the best elements of its roots reggae inspired outings with a sharp attention to song structure. The result is a collection that succeeds on multiple fronts, and one sure to please both the avid roots reggae fan as well as the casual listener.

Without a doubt, Lion Heights’ Same Situation deserves a spot in your music library. It is a soothing, diverse and well-crafted piece that veers from one influence to the next but doesn’t lose focus on its blend of roots reggae and steady dub beats.

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Track listing

  1. Good One
  2. Same Situation
  3. No Ordinance
  4. Help Me
  5. Dream Girl
  6. Thank You Jah
  7. No Love Dub
  8. Too Young
  9. Wander on Girl
  10. Cut Them Out
  11. Same Situation (Dub)

Lion Heights “Good One”

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