Ammoye to shed “The Light”

Jamaican/Canadian chanteuse Ammoye blends real-world issues with uplifting messages in her latest full-length album, The Light. Although the 17-track album has yet to hit digital outlets, Ammoye is already nominated for three Junos (the Canadian equivalent to the GRAMMYs), and is ready to take the world by storm. Each track represents Ammoye’s deep-rooted self worth, not to mention struggles that she has had to overcome to get where she is today. “I want to inspire women and girls to find that sense of love and light within themselves, not outside themselves,” states Ammoye on the motives behind the album. “I want to share the messages I have gotten, the healing I’ve received.” And, after a long medical battle, Ammoye is ready to shake off her setbacks and share her experiences embedded in The Light this June 29th.

“I want to share the messages I have gotten, the healing I’ve received.” 

The album, just like her eclectic background, emits a mixture of influences: traditional reggae and dancehall sounds meet electro pop, R&B, gospel, and more. Dubbed ‘melting pot reggae’, one thing is for certain about Ammoye’s music – positivity. Truly, every track on the album has an upbeat timbre although the tone differs on subject matter. Whether Ammoye is calling for action (like in the premier track “Bloody Fiya”) or nurturing a broken heart (like in the breakup ballad “Where Do We Go”), the soulful singer always maintains an optimistic mindset. There IS light, prompting the album to be named appropriately. The title track is actually positioned in the middle of the album, reminding her listeners that even though we’ve covered a lot of ground on heartbreak and renewal thus far into the LP, the latter always follows the former. With “consciousness” and confidence, you can always find your way “out of the dark”. And, that may mean starting over altogether! Ammoye is no foreigner to new beginnings, and “Outta Town” tells listeners that whether you physically have to relocate to start anew, what’s important is that you follow your heart. Make moves – literally or figuratively – to manifest your own destiny. Especially, when your sorrows are the direct result of someone else’s actions. Ammoye may be one of the few female reggae protagonists in the scene, but as such, she knows how to express the heartache and hopelessness that come with a relationship’s abrupt end; male reggae artists may feel the same, but never fully encapsulate the emotions within their music. Ammoye, like all women, have been subject to sadness, but something remarkable happened as a result – she learned her worth. Only when women feel dejected do they rebuild, do they learn their true value. Ammoye preaches to women everywhere that it’s okay to walk away from a one-sided relationship: oh, by the way, “that’s the sound of getting left, boy.”

It might sound like the album is all about getting even with men and getting guns off the street (there’s literally a song entitled that), but that’s not the case at all! There are songs like “Soul Rebel”, encouraging individuality and ‘to thine own self be true’ mentality. The track “Are You Ready” is about getting back in the dating game (with your head held high, of course), and “Good Vibez” boasts a “brand new attitude” to those that need a mental boost. Dancing is the remedy to all disasters, anyway. And, if all else fails, you will always have a higher power to guide you, as dictated in the song “Jah Jah”.

Ammoye preaches to women everywhere that it’s okay to walk away…

In the current state of Western affairs, it’s dire time Ammoye’s radiant outlook on life and love weighs in on the world. “There’s a lot of dark energy right now, and the powers that be have a lot to do with that. I feel I’m a lightworker,” reflects Ammoye. “I want to share the voice in my heart, and what that means for me is always holding the light wherever I go. It’s about love, unity consciousness, empowerment and positiveness. The Light represents me, and I rise up to that.” Look for The Light in all major digital outlets come June 29th, and get a taste of the album ahead of schedule in the new single “Don’t Count Me Out”.

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