Looking back on the Disturbed discography in anticipation of new studio album, Divisive

Known for its hit song “Down with the Sickness,” heavy metal band, Disturbed, has really built a name for itself.

The band’s debut album, The Sickness, is a good starting point when exploring this band’s sound and knowing what you are getting into.

Songs like “Stupify,” “Voices,” “The Game” and “Fear” are some really brilliant standout tracks on this first album! Let’s not forget the 10th-anniversary edition bonus tracks “God Of The Mind” and “Welcome Burden.”

What a brilliant first album!

Vocalist, David Draiman, is a beast when it comes to his sound; that “oh ah ah ah ooh ah ah ah” at the beginning of “Down with the Sickness” is pure perfection. People everywhere know that sound clip even if they don’t know Disturbed.

The band’s second album Believe keeps the aggressiveness of The Sickness making it an excellent follow-up!

Songs like “Prayer” bring this album to life with its fast-paced lyrical scheme. 

Ten Thousand Fists, the third album in the discography, saw the band keeping that heavy flow and packing the punches that fans have come to know and love. The song “Stricken” shows this off brilliantly and what an explosive first song! It was the perfect choice for the title track. Do not skip over this album, trust me.

Indestructible dropped next, as the band’s fourth album. It’s my favorite out of the whole discography! This album tells the listener that they have all the weapons they need to fight for what they need to. This album turns the aggressiveness up even more than the previous ones. Get ready for the treat you’re in for! The real treats here are the songs, “The Night,” “Perfect,” “Insanity” and “Enough.” These singles show you what the album is truly about and will change your metal-headed life!

Asylum, the band’s fifth album was released in 2011, and what a beast of an album this is! Let me tell you, this album feels like “heavy metal heaven” the second it hits! 

Asylum really packs a punch. The track of the same name, says it’s time for pain and delivers that punch right to the face. This, of course, comes after the album’s intro. “Remnants” is a dark and disturbing intro that causes a chill to the spine every time I hear it. “The Infection” is one that is not only heavy but tells you that it’s time to start head-banging! This song and “My Child” are two of the best track on the album. Disturbed even has a cover of “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 on this album! Definitely a cool spin on the world-famous song. Make sure to give this one a listen.

Up next is album number six, Immortalized. This album brought a was a different sound to the popular heavy metal sound Disturbed had solidified. “Territory” is proof that the band can slow down sometimes and slay the mellow sound just as perfectly as their heavier songs. Of course, not all the songs on the album are like this but a cover of “The Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel was a nice touch. The title track opens this album hard and heavy though, which makes this a win in my book. The song “The Light” is a nice mellow jam with a brilliant message that sometimes darkness can show you “the light.” “The Vengeful One” picks things back up. This song is truly phenomenal. It’ll put a smile on your face. It’s the same with the song “What Are You Waiting For.” It screams brilliance within the first minute! I love this album which came out after a four-year hiatus.

The seventh album Evolution saw the band getting experimental with their sound. 

This album is heavy and when I say heavy, I mean you really have some heavy hitters on here! With two strong ballads, it’s really an amazing piece of art that deserves your time. My favorite songs on this album are “This Venom,” a bonus track on the deluxe edition, “In Another Time” and “Savior Of Nothing,” which are all brilliantly written. The song, “No More” is that in-your-face song that doesn’t give you any time to breathe! It’s phenomenal! David Draiman is amazing when it comes to writing deep and meaningful lyrics that resonate with the listener.

Now the band is gearing up to release their eighth album Divisive.

Three singles were released prior to the album. “Hey You” is the first song off the album and it’s incredibly over the top and it’s brilliantly heavy! It fully encompasses the definition of heavy. “Unstoppable,” is the song that makes you feel like a warrior and you will feel like a warrior while listening to this, guaranteed!

 “Divisive” is brilliant and made me eager to hear the rest of the album! Which came out on November 18th. Disturbed is coming back stronger than ever before and I’m ready for it! I hope you are too! Find Divisive on all streaming platforms! You’re going to love this album, I have a gut feeling about that.

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