System of a Down’s Serj Tankian releases second solo EP ‘Perplex Cities’

System Of A Down’s lead front man Serj Tankian released an extraordinary ground-breaking 5 song EP Perplex Cities on October 21st, 2022. Serj Tankian has gifted us with more of his soul wrenching and hypnotic messages to the world. On this second release from his special side project, he delves deeper into different realms of music. Classical undertones, but the music still has that grip, and the strength of Serj’s voice. Perplex Cities is his second masterpiece since 2021, following his explosive EP Elasticity

This artist is not afraid to explore untouched territories in the music industry. He has no walls up and expresses his rage, and his passion for his homeland and Armenian heritage.

In his words, ”Perplex Cities is a completely different sound than what I’ve done before. More Electronic, subtle, and deeper in terms of its layers of presentation musically. Perplex Cities gives off an aura that is unique and unlike my previous releases. “

Perplex Cities reveals such a complex and beautiful range of wonder.

The EP kicks off with, “Pop Imperialism”, subtle with such visual writing and you feel what he is saying. The third song released, “Spoke Up” delivers Serj Tankian’s allegiance and devotion to his culture and his passion to stand for the unheard. 

The music throughout Perplex Cities has a plethora of musical dimensions from his signature heaviness to the subtlety of melodic and classical movements that will leave you mesmerized and wanting more. The tracks are all available for your listening pleasure and intrigue. 

Purchase or stream ‘Perplex Cities’ EP:

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