Lords of Dust hit us with slammin’ EP ‘Kickin Dust Up’

Lords of Dust hit us with slammin’ EP ‘Kickin Dust Up’

Fast and furious — this band is not slowing down their momentum. Lords of Dust continue to saturate southern California’s music scene and knocking down all barriers while doing it!

Its rock but cuts through all genres and delivers a fun live recording. The band tracked Kickin Dust Up in 2022 with well-known producer/mix engineer Paul Miner (Death By Stereo, H20, Agnostic Front). The EP follows-up their previous singles “Electric Jungle”, “Million Miles” and “Awaken The Smoke”.

Lords of Dust has continued to exceed expectations as their sound continues to elevate and transcend to that trademark “desert-stoner rock” type sound that is crucial to enthusiasts of the genre, while dipping into the complexity of songs for the more discerning rock or metal listener. “Blood on the Skulls” slows down the groove so beautifully, the full EP is packed with doom/stoner energy that blows out headphones and is sure to be a timeless hit in the genre.

Kickin Dust Up is an indication to the band’s commitment to the progression of their music throughout their albums.  

This music is for the rockers out there, the metal heads or guitar addicts like myself. It’s hard but smooth enough you can hear the instrumentals, very enjoyable.

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