Lutan Fyah’s ‘Longest Livah’ album review

Lutan Fyah’s ‘Longest Livah’ album review

Born in Spanish Town, Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica, Lutan Fyah started his musical career in 1999, recording his first songs for Buju Banton’s Gargamel Records. If you’re in need of a refreshing album for your playlist, look no further than Lutan Fyah’s newest and fiercest release yet, Longest Livah. With a healthy serving of progressive melodies, combined with hypnotic vibes, Longest Livah is the type of album that is bound to put you in an uplifting state of mind, while getting your feet and body going.

Longest Livah is the type of album that is bound to put you in an uplifting state of mind…

Longest Livah has a consistent energy to it, as well as distinctly vintage instrumental tones. The guitars sizzle; the percussions and bass rumble; everything has a warm analog glow. Lutan’s vocal performance shimmers with passion and his performance throughout the album perfectly encapsulates his emotions, which can undeniably be felt, especially on tracks “Please”, “Sing Praise”, “Meant To Be” and the the acapella version of “7 Million Solders”. The 13 tracks of Longest Livah are jam-packed with an extensive range of sonic arrangements, as Lutan crafts a myriad of exceptional instrumentals, both beautifully melancholic and moving in areas.

Featuring a conglomeration of unique melodies, Lutan Fyah has created an album that will most definitely leave an impact on anyone who listens to it. The production on this album has the potency to draw in new listeners, as well as give thanks to those that are already in the know.

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Track listing:

  1. Don’t Put Yuh Trust
  2. Nuh Hail Dem
  3. Please
  4. Streetside Ghetto
  5. Money and Bankbook
  6. Longest Livah feat. Johnny Live
  7. 7 Million Soldiers
  8. Sing Praise
  9. All For You
  10. Meant To Be
  11. Never Say Never feat. Beenie Man
  12. The Farmer Man
  13. 7 Million Soldiers (Acapella)

Lutan Fyah “Dont Put Yuh Trust” official video:

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