HIRIE hits home with ‘Dreamer’ album

HIRIE hits home with ‘Dreamer’ album

HIRIE is a California reggae band fronted by Trish Jetton, a goddess amongst a sea of male reggae-rock bands. Although Trish embodies HIRIE, her group of musicians touring under that name are incredibly talented and dedicated individuals. Lovers of live reggae music are sure to have seen HIRIE perform at reggae festivals around the country; their high-energy performance is hard to miss. Once before a HIRIE show in Ashland, Oregon, I heard Trish tell her band members, “Sexy eyes, guys. Give these people sexy eyes.” Truly, they perform with every fiber of their being. That passion pours out of head, shoulders, knees and toes… and those sexy eyes. HIRIE’s ignited expressions become contagious. You might have come to a festival to see another band, but it will be a HIRIE tune that’ll keep you humming on the way home. This month, the band released their third album since their formation back in 2013.

You might have come to a festival to see another band, but it will be a HIRIE tune that’ll keep you humming on the way home.

With the new album Dreamer, released September 13th, that same energy we love from their live performances is instantly available. Dreamer has all of the things we love about reggae music. The island vibes are strong, especially on tracks like “Gwan Boy” and “Reason to Fly”. The album also features some of the genre’s biggest names, like Slightly Stoopid, Iration and Chali 2na. But, what you will notice when listening more carefully to Dreamer is the beautiful way that HIRIE writes about personal struggle. She is open and honest about alcoholism, bipolar disorder and general shortcomings in a way that feels super relatable. “I’m Messed Up”, which was released prior to the full album, feels like it could be everyone’s anthem. And, it would be a victory anthem. It’s a reminder that no one is perfect: just do your best and keep smiling despite the outcome. The video accompanying “I’m Messed Up” is just as playful. 

Continuing on, the song “I Like the Way You Roll” is a bouncy hymn to smoking herb that is truly addictive. HIRIE’s smooth style is complemented by the very sharp, staccato verse delivered by Kyle McDonald (of Slightly Stoopid). Both “Put It Down” (featuring Chali 2na) and “Stay with Me Tonight” (featuring Iration) have steamy lyrics sung slowly and sweetly in her characteristically silky way. Reaching beyond those two tracks, there is a steady motif of love as a complicated, yet worthwhile endeavor. For example, in this verse from “Message in a Bottle” HIRIE sings, “Pulled in by your jet stream // Falling for your gravity // If I lose me, I lose me now // Send my anchor down // Wait a second Mother Nature // Imma show you what I’m made of // Cause you know I’ve been pushed around, but I don’t stay down”. There are songs that have firm roots in reggae, yet seem to also incorporate other genres seamlessly. From beginning to end, the songs play like a hero’s journey… or rather a heroine’s journey. The first and final tracks, “She Go” and “Stay Wild”, both loudly repeat a message heard more subtly throughout the album — go for it! Be true to yourself. And, that’s exactly what HIRIE is doing.

With the release of the album, HIRIE is celebrating with a fall headlining tour alongside RDGLDGRN, Kash’d Out and Tunnel Vision — kicking off soon! To join the Dreamer party, get your tickets now to the shows below and watch for a Hawaii run this winter! For more information, visit the links below.

Purchase or stream Dreamer album:

Track listing:

  1. She Go
  2. I Like The Way You Roll, feat. Slightly Stoopid
  3. Put It Down, feat. Chali 2na
  4. I’m Messed Up
  5. Message In A Bottle
  6. Better As Is
  7. G’wan Boy
  8. Stay with Me Tonight, feat. Iration
  9. Frida Kahlo
  10. Reason to Fly
  11. Stay Wild

HIRIE “Message in a Bottle” official video:

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4 years ago

Wow. Sitting alone in a restaurant, caught this review, watched the video. Feeling it, really feeling it. May have some tears in my breakfast, but it feels delicious. Great review. I’ll be listening to HIRIE again. For sure.

Kristy Rose
4 years ago
Reply to  Lily

We truly appreciate the support & we agree, HIRIE’s new album is the BUSINESS! Thanks for reading 🙏❤️