Marlon Asher’s ‘Illusions’ album review

Marlon Asher has been running around for years spreading positive vibes with his music. Best known as “Ganja Farmer” after his hit song, Marlon’s roots trace back to Trinidad. Having toured all over the world, it appears Marlon has hit a high note with reggae lovers in the U.S. – particularly in California after also touring with San Diego band, Slightly Stoopid.

Mr. Asher recently released a full-length album titled, Illusions. This album is sure to take any reggae lover on a much-needed, musical journey. With recent political upheavals and disagreements taking place throughout the world and even online, Marlon’s new album is a source of escape from reality.

This album is sure to take any reggae lover on a much-needed, musical journey.

Though the album starts off nice-and-easy with the song, “Jah Jah,” it progresses right into the definition of modern-day reggae music. Using roots-reggae techniques and lyrical messages, there is no denial of songs that can connect to any reggae connoisseur. The use of keys and horns, and even drums is exquisite in how it relates to the overall musical journey. Effects heard throughout the entire album is what appears to make the music more contemporary.

The song, “Illusion” can most likely connect to both youth and older generations. It can easily be interpreted as inspiration for the youth and as a source of realization for older generations who have witnessed worldly changes. As the album progresses, it appears as if the music can inspire anyone to accept change and trust in Jah.

A few noteworthy songs include “Man A Rock,” “Settle Down,” “Shashamani,” “Save Their Soul,” and “Moving On.” The electronic effects heard in some songs gives Marlon both a modern-day approach, as well as a reminiscence of the 80s when such techniques became popular in mainstream music.

Part of the enjoyment in listening to this entire album is the diversity. The album brings spiritual messages, yes, which appears to be Mr. Asher’s intent in regards to his music; yet, it also eludes to purpose and vision. It stays towards general messages often affiliated with reggae music, but also includes messages of modern-day hope and realization.

More information on Marlon Asher’s music can be found by checking out his website and Facebook page.

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Illusions track listing

  1. Jah Jah
  2.  Man A Rock
  3. Settle Down
  4. See Me Through
  5. Illusion
  6. Psalm 35
  7. Shashamani
  8. Look Into The Sky
  9. From The Start
  10. So Jah Say
  11. Save Their Soul
  12. Babylon Brutality
  13. No Control
  14. Moving On
  15. Marijuana
  16. Dabatude
  17. I Love You Jah Jah (Bonus Track)

Marlon Asher “Babylon Brutality” music video

Released January 13, 2015 • Clear Port Entertainment

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