Meet Gotdamn Jack Jones in ‘Left Handed in My Right Mind’ EP

Meet Gotdamn Jack Jones in ‘Left Handed in My Right Mind’ EP

It was nearly 18 years ago when I first heard Jack Jones’ smooth, sultry voice on a dance floor in Las Vegas. I was blown away by the epic, raw talent flowing from his soulful pipes, but you see, he wasn’t performing. He was just dancing and singing amongst us. I knew right then that I had heard something unique and special. Over the last two decades, I’d catch a glimpse of Gotdamn Jack singing something every once in a while, on social media from his home in Houston. I always wondered why he didn’t do more with it.

Just as the COVID lockdown took hold in March, I noticed a new musician account come across my Instagram — @gotdamjackjones. I took a look and, got dam! It was Jack Jones from the dance floor back in Vegas with a steamy cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky”. A few days later, he teased his followers with a clip of a raspy, funky, soulful original song accompanying a boxing video. He continued telling his story to fans by sharing songs that he’d written for other talented artists and tantalizing little teasers of powerful new songs off his debut EP, Left Handed in My Right Mind, now available everywhere! Jones paired with the insanely talented producers Chris and Conrad Rosser (of Bread & Water Beats), credited for 2Pac’s R U Still Down? album and who currently works with Bonecrusher.

When Jones first shared the EP with me, I was instantly drawn to every funky beat.

The raw R&B tones and the soulfully vulnerable lyrics that flowed through each song had me hooked. Jones grew up in what he calls a “jukebox of disfunction”: there was a wild variety of music constantly flowing through his home, with his mom listening to old-school country-western and blues — like the Oak Ridge Boys, BB King and Johnny Taylor. He also wandered the halls of the house, absorbing the musical influence of his siblings. His brother was a huge Prince fan, while his older sister was spinning the Isley Brothers and Frankie Beverly. His younger sister was into the pop scene, like Madonna, Boy George and George Michael. And, good ‘ol Motown was always playing somewhere in the house.

After listening to the entire EP, I found myself playing it on repeat. I could relate all too well to the anxiety, the struggles of relationships and finding my true self. I reached out to Jones to talk about the music and why it took nearly 20 years from the first time I heard him sing to finally dropping an unbelievable EP. He boldly and genuinely shared his unknown battle with anxiety and how he felt like no one would want to listen to his music. He further shared how he was content writing music for others and that each time a project came up for him to record, he would self-sabotage it. It wasn’t until recently, when his son was also struggling with anxiety, that Jones became aware of his own battle.

In an outpouring of pent up musical genius over too many years, this seven-song, 28-minute EP will only leave you wanting more! It is my humble pleasure to present to you, Gotdamn Jack Jones. Find his Left Handed in My Right Mind EP via the links below and don’t forget to follow Gotdamn Jack Jones on social media for more.

Purchase or stream ‘Left Handed in My Right Mind’ EP:

Track listing:

  1. Mmxx, feat. Se7en The Poet
  2. Fear, feat. Bonecrusher
  3. I’s Wide Shut
  4. Borrowed Time
  5. Blackberry Cobbler
  6. Floyd’s Boy
  7. Ruthie Mae, feat. Kai Hicks

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