Mighty Mystic makes colossal waves with ‘Giant’ album

Mighty Mystic makes colossal waves with ‘Giant’ album

Do you take your roots with a side of riffs? Paired with a soulful piano ballad? Dished up with 90s R&B basslines? The Massachusetts-bred, Jamaican-born Mighty Mystic delivers his “Hard Roots” version of reggae: a musical cornucopia in which he seamlessly joins roots reggae and timeless themes with more modern, mainstream sounds and lyrics. 

Songs like the piano ballad “Michael” show Mystic’s wide vocal range, while the hard-hitting “Elevator” belongs on NYC’s Power 105.1 regular rotation. Classic, yet untraditional and his most diverse album to date, Giant blurs lines between genres and challenges the very notion of what we think contemporary reggae ought to sound like.

“There is truly something for everyone on this album.”

Mighty Mystic elaborates, “If you love rock-and-roll, there are two or three heavy rock influenced tracks waiting for you (‘King me Now’). If you’re a fan of ballads, you will enjoy ‘Michael’. Pop? Yeah, we have that as well in ‘Giant’ and ‘Nervous’. And, of course, we have the classic reggae in songs like ‘Goshen’ and ‘Far from Jamaica’. All you have to do is open your mind and dive in — no swimsuit needed.”

Dotted with songs proclaiming affection and appreciation for his single mother, as well as his motherland of Jamaica, Giant proudly spotlights Mystic’s early childhood on the Caribbean island, in many shades of his signature reggae fusion style. Born in the Parish of St. Elizabeth in an area called Goshen, Mighty Mystic pays homage via twangy guitars against visions of balmy temperatures, singing birds, roadside food and music playing in the streets. “Far From Jamaica”, featuring reggae heavyweight Sizzla Kalonji and newcomer Tyler Loyal, further drives home his attachment to Jamaica, touching on feelings of homesickness he experienced growing up in the hustle and bustle of Boston.

A touching tribute to his mother and all mother’s everywhere, a bouncy “Giant” (the track the album shares a name with) lovingly reminisces on the sacrifices made by his single mother for him and his siblings through songwriting, which tugs at your heartstrings: “In case you didn’t know // Me and bro, and sis we adore you.” It’s a song full of love, joy and nostalgia, and sure to become reggae’s new go-to Mother’s Day anthem. 

With so many different reggae sounds, Giant really does have it all. Each song is highly unique in its own right and, according to Mystic, written from a collection of old notes which lend to the overall nostalgia this album serves. Find Giant on all streaming platforms and follow Mighty Mystic via the links below!

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Track listing:

  1. King Me Now
  2. Far from Jamaica, feat. Sizzla & Tyler Loyal
  3. Goshen
  4. Giant
  5. Nervous
  6. Ready for a G
  7. Michael – Piano Version
  8. Elevator
  9. Champion
  10. Satellites
  11. Dream, feat. MediSun
  12. Shades of Grey
  13. Michael (Remix)

Mighty Mystic – “King Me Now” official video

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