Mike Love’s ‘Love Overflowing’ EP review

As an artist Mike Love has performed at festivals across the globe. He has shared the stage with renowned performers from Stephen Marley, Don Carlos, Steel Pulse, Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. His performances take the listener on diverse and enchanting musical explorations that speaks to the body, mind and soul.

Calling Hawaii home and surrounding himself in a musical environment known for its deep-seated tradition in the guitar and profound vocal harmonies, Mike Love’s latest Love Overflowing EP is a captivating compilation of luscious performances featuring carefully crafted melodies and complex arrangements.   

There is a timeless quality to this music

Opening track “Upfulness and Love” begins with soft, melodic progressions followed by dramatic sequence thanks to a poetic brass section. The heartfelt authenticity of “No Regrets” is a platform for the musicians’s sophisticated compositions and polished vocals. Mike Love signature sound is broadened creatively in Love Overflowing, harmonizing space and sound to build and enhance his performances. 

Speaking about the album, Mike Love shared: “It’s a collection of songs, some of which were intended to be on my last album but didn’t fit, and so it’s meant to be a sort of companion album to Love Will Find a Way.”

There is a timeless quality to this music, spanning multiple genres that is neither clumsy nor obtrusive. Love Overflowing is an alluring package of that showcases Mike Love’s musical talents. The EP is highly recommended for all fans of all ages and from all musical preferences.

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Track listing

  1. Upfulness and Love
  2. Be Thankful
  3. Sweet Sound
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Three Mirrors
  6. Penniless
  7. No Regrets (acoustic)

Mike Love “No Regrets” acoustic

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Release Date: July 12, 2016 • Copyright: 2016 Love Not War Records

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