Sowflo ‘Such Is Life’ album review

Reggae rock band, SowFlo, takes pride in their hometown roots. So much so that they named the band after the area which they’re from: South West Florida. To be exact, the members of SowFlo lived in Naples, Florida and were close friends as teenagers before forming the band. SowFlo has since released two EP’s and, after much touring and building a strong fan base, just dropped their first full-length album on June 30th titled Such Is Life. The band is currently touring the east coast on the Such Is Life Summer Tour to promote their newest album and will follow this with a west coast tour starting in the fall. 

SowFlo’s easygoing sound and simple yet uplifting lyrics make for the perfect summer soundtrack. 

SowFlo’s easygoing sound and simple yet uplifting lyrics make for the perfect summer soundtrack. Such Is Life was completely self-funded, self-produced, and self-published by the band making it that much more impressive considering it debuted at #4 on iTunes Reggae Charts. The album was also mixed and mastered by five time Grammy winner, Marc Lee, and Chris Athens, who both have worked side by side with some of the biggest names in the industry. Does the artwork for the album cover look familiar? That’s because the same surf art legend, Drew Brophy, who did the artwork for Sublime With Rome’s most recent album, Sirens, created it. 

Such Is Life opens with the track “Burning in the LOP”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. “We don’t make music, we create movement” is the resonating message SowFlo sends with this track and is applicable for the following nine tracks to come. Sounds of the trombone can be heard in almost every song on the album and do a phenomenal job of making the music feel complete. SowFlo’s songs are about everything from enjoying the little things in life like looking up at the stars in the song “One Good Throw” to reminding people that when life gets hard, you are not the only one in the song “You’re Not Alone”. All while keeping a light-hearted and danceable sound. The band also came out with a music video for the second track on their album titled “If You’re Lost” which can be found below. Check out the band’s website to listen to their music or find tour dates near you.

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Track listing

  1. Burning In the L.O.P.
  2. If You’re Lost
  3. Lion
  4. Pick You Up
  5. Keep Cool
  6. One Good Throw
  7. I Hope You Know
  8. Shot Him Down
  9. You’re Not Alone
  10. I Reclaim Myself

Sowflo “If You’re Lost” official video

Release Date: June 30, 2016 • Copyright: 2016 SOWFLO LLC
Links: Facebook | Website | Instagram

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