PAARIS set to release ‘NORA’ EP

PAARIS set to release ‘NORA’ EP

Enrique Marquez Paris, aka PAARIS, is a guitarist, composer and producer from Caracas, Venezuela. After playing in bands like Dankrupt and collaborating with multiple artists for more than 18 years, PAARIS celebrates his first solo release entitled NORA, set to be available on all digital streaming platforms on April 17th.

“‘NORA’ is a portrait of who I am as a guitarist.”

The EP spans six songs, clocking in just over 19 minutes, not one second wasted on filler. The opening track “CARIC” has an atmospheric tone, full harmonies and guitar licks that would make Yngwie Malmsteen blush. The soothing melodies bring all the track’s layers together nicely, creating something perfectly composed, sonically balanced and truly memorable. “2020” and the fourth track, “1RA”, ramp up the emphasis of this album to its heaviest; the riffs and the composition make these songs more than just a quick listen. All in all, this is a great debut and the direct approach PAARIS takes is covered with clever musical explorations, which shift and rumble throughout.

Enrique states, “PAARIS is my first solo project: a reflection of all the guitar heroes that inspired me to pick up the instrument. With this EP, I want the listeners to discover my other side as an instrumentalist. Also, to show my passion for the instrument. NORA is a portrait of who I am as a guitarist.”

With its alternating arrangements, winding melodies and excellent musicianship, PAARIS has taken a very worthy approach in what promises to be the inception of a great project.

Stream ‘NORA’ EP on Bandcamp:

Track listing:

  1. CARIC
  3. 2020
  4. 1RA

Links: Instagram | SoundCloud | Website

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