Venice Beach Dub Club’s release takes center stage

Venice Beach Dub Club’s release takes center stage

The debut album from Venice Beach Dub Club consists of 12 original tracks, six outstanding guest appearances and two dozen accomplished musicians, all of which make this release full of finesse. The self-titled VBDC album is impulsive, with assertive and layered lyrical content — poetic at times.

VBDC’s debut album is intense , sonically complex and electrifying…

The album starts with opening track “Smoke & Mirrors”, an impending horn section immediately evoking a chill ‘California’ vibe perfect for the start of summer just over the horizon. Once the drums and guitar kick in, the lead singer’s distinct vocals quickly come into play, with soulful lyrics bringing a refreshing sense of passion to lyrics, such as “We feel real strong // Yes, we feel real blessed // Our love for Jah like a shield ‘pon our chest”. The chorus of this track really grows on you and becomes surprisingly catchy, which in turn is paired with some great guitar hooks that gradually get heavier as the vocals become more passionate, successfully transmitting the band’s more reggae vibes.

VBDC’s debut album is intense, sonically complex and electrifying, even though every song comes across as perfectly natural and easy to digest. That essence of contrast and contradiction is what defines this record, making it such a unique listen. VBDC is an enjoyable, exciting and refreshing listen, much needed in the current world climate. Enjoy it today on the digital outlets below!

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Track listing:

  1. Smoke & Mirrors
  2. Prepare for War
  3. Hybrid Love
  4. Speedway
  5. The Get-Go
  6. Many Moons
  7. The Ruler
  8. Jah RX
  9. Sunshowers
  10. Pass the Chalice
  11. Ancestors
  12. Thanksgiving

Venice Beach Dub Club “Hybrid Love” official video:

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