Prism B!tch debuts with punk rock ‘Perla’ album

Prism B!tch debuts with punk rock ‘Perla’ album

Emerging with a quality-driven and experimental new sound, Albuquerque-based four-piece rock band Prism B!tch are pushing their new genre of “Mom-Rock” to a whole new level with the release of their debut independent full-length studio album, Perla. Available on vinyl, CD and all digital streaming platforms now, this genre-hopping debut has created quite the sonic rollercoaster: a dubious funhouse of shape-shifting mirrors, changing and evolving drastically around every corner. With absolutely no lacking for moments of distorted guitars and warm, inviting vocal melodies, the 11-track collection allows each band member’s personality to shine. Perla was produced and recorded by Toshi Kasai [Foo Fighters, The Melvins] at the legendary Sound of Sirens Studio in Los Angeles and undoubtedly displays sounds familiar with the area. 

Perla, named after drummer Teresa Cruces’ mother, opens up with “In N Out”: a vigorous dance song, with a few sexual undertones hidden throughout, laced with the inner turmoil of admitting to the guilty pleasure of going back to someone who you love to hate. You thus get yourself caught up in the back and forth, the “In N Out” — the toxicity that just won’t seem to disappear. These vivacious and bubbly melodies host a bit of a darker side, as well. We can be totally aware of how these actions are hurtful to ourselves or those around us, yet we continue to go in and out… forever indulging in our own guilty pleasures. 

Moving down the album a bit is the previously released single, “Heathers” — a bass-heavy look into the mind of a teenage girl.

The track is an alternative rock fever dream about the nightmare of adolescence, first crushes and, of course, mean girls. “Heathers” gives you just a glimpse into the private chaotic mind of a youthful soul (loosely based on the cult classic film, no doubt). Next up, focusing on the fragility of life, the dreamy “Starlight” was created in the aftermath of when guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Lilah Rose lost her father. “It’s about mortality and how we’re all going to die,” Lilah explains. “Yet, death is beauty, because we become starlight when we go. We’re energy as we lift up into the ether.” This ethereal ballad also features a guest guitar solo appearance from touring friend and Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch that truly soars to the heavens and back. It creates an explosion at the end that, much like a dying star, transforming everything into something else entirely. “None of us are getting out of here alive,” interrupts bass player Lauren Poole. “So, enjoy what’s beautiful in the brevity and experience in everything you want to while you’re here.” This brings to mind the quote from Rainer Maria Rilke: “Let everything happen to you — beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” 

Closing out the album is the upbeat, classic rock-inspired tune “One Shot”. It’s a song devoted to inspiring listeners to push through their issues and find the will to go on, demanding strength when you need it most. “‘One Shot’ is about pushing through a hardship and giving it your all,” Lilah shares. The irreverent punk ode to the band members’ Southwest upbringing leads the album to a close by giving you a sense of purpose. That strength you so fervently demanded… well, there you have it. Filling the vacant void of “Mom-Rock” in an epic way, this potent three-quarters female musical outfit has enough of an explosive and melodic sound to guarantee you the party you’ve been missing. Perla is available everywhere now. 

Purchase or stream ‘Perla’ album:

Track listing:

  1. In N Out
  2. Too High
  3. Top of My Game
  4. Lonely Nights
  5. Wasting Time
  6. I
  7. II
  8. Heathers
  9. Starlight
  10. Around
  11. One Shot

Prism B!tch – “II” official video:

Cover photo by Johnny Gomez

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