Mog Jones debuts with smash ‘On The Run’ album

Mog Jones debuts with smash ‘On The Run’ album

Cornwall’s own singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mog Jones is showing up to the scene in a big way with the release of her debut album, On The Run: eight tantalizing tracks consisting of country-infused glam-rock, mixed with a little indie, folk and blues throughout. These songs dance gracefully down the album, with influences that range from that southern twang of Dolly Parton, to the smooth, mystical sounds of Stevie Nicks, then all the way to the stars, with the out-of-this-world experiences fostered by David Bowie. “I could easily name a hundred artists who have inspired this album, but I think that all of those blended together has created something that is uniquely me,” says the young talent. “‘On The Run’, to me, is a two-fingers kind of album to everyone or everything that’s ever attempted to put me in my box.” A culmination of the craft she has been working on since the age of 16, On The Run is set to be the biggest project of her career to date and it is packed to the brim with heartfelt, true-to-herself melodies that are sure to take this new starlet wherever she wants to go. 

Letting her raw and powerful vocals shine early, the album begins with the ruckus-inducing, grungey, garage-style opener “Only Way Out”.

Hitting you with some vintage vibes right away, this track feels like it was played and recorded in the crudest, most basic way possible… and it totally works. From the classic, old-fashioned sound of the microphone down to the raspy, crunchy guitars, “Only Way Out” lets you know right from the start that this chick ain’t here to mess around. 

The Texas desert feel of the third song, “Oh Ringo”, stands out as one of my favorites. It heavily reminds me of a scene from an old western movie or like a scene from The Walking Dead or something… just a simple, soft, country story playing behind the hero riding off into the sunset as the credits start to roll. Mog’s vocals only add another layer of audible pleasure to the song. The way she belts out Ringo’s name sends chills down my spine every time. The second to last song on the album, “Preach”, brings to mind a Dusty Springfield-esque, blue-eyed soul type of rhythm. Again, Jones keeps the harmonies and instrumentation relatively simple behind her powerful vocals. 

This really is a masterfully put together, versatile collection of music that features Mog Jones truly expressing herself, with incredible vocal performances, hooky melodies and downright likable tunes. Jones has been an integral figure of the Cornish music scene for a while now, but with the release of On The Run, her reach is about to grow far and beyond the hills of south England. She is ready to use her unique blend of music and eclectic variety of influences to let everyone get to know the real her, while showing the world that it is okay to be you and to never let anyone try to shape you into something you are not. Now embarking on her debut album journey, she’d love every single one of you to join her. On The Run is now available for streaming and purchase everywhere.

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Track listing:

  1. Only Way Out
  2. It Ain’t Easy
  3. Oh Ringo
  4. Wrong Number
  5. Boy
  6. Gimme Time, feat. Redley Flowerdew
  7. Preach
  8. By The Night

Mog Jones – “It Ain’t Easy”

Cover artwork by Kitty Abberton

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