Project 432 ‘Passenger’ album review

Project 432 ‘Passenger’ album review

Denver-based band Project 432 is a unique one, to say the least. After bursting onto the recording scene in 2017 with their debut album The Science of Numbers, the band quickly gained recognition for their approach as much as their music. The inaugural album — combining reggae with dub with hip hop all wrapped into one sociopolitically-concious package — was recorded 8Hz lower than the industry standard. Instead of 440Hz, the album was set at 432Hz — the natural frequency of Earth (hence the band’s name). Fans of the band finally understood their cryptic missive.

After initial success and two years of touring, Project 432 doubled back to the SOCO Sound Lab recording studio to bust out their sophomore album, produced by drummer Mark David and distributed by Roots Musician Records. Titled Passenger and out officially July 5th, the album at 432Hz brings current issues to the forefront in a myriad of musical styles. Seriously, it’s 11 tracks of long overdue wake up calls. Tracks like “No More” tackle the state of American affairs issues, from bigotry to suicide, with a fast lyrical delivery and a synthy bass. Our national passive stance has rendered us nothing but pain and suffering, stating that we “defend this freedom that’s pretentious for no reason”, among other domestic criticisms. Yet, we’re addicted to the misery… “don’t say no more”, for we’ll starve without being fed the daily drama on CNN.

Project 432 has a knack for melodrama embedded as audible metaphors within their music.

The album’s title track, “Passenger”, really hits the nail on the head with this. Dubby instrumentals and a bubble organ lead to the song’s chorus, where singer Nick Wimer chants “I’m just a passenger” these days. Surely, I cannot be held responsible for my actions, held accountable for the atrocities I witness, for I am a prisoner within my own vessel. Being a sane person in a mad world has its downside. The tracks “Red Flags” and “Smoke and Mirrors” jolt the listener to attention, the latter with a prolonged bridge that builds harder and harder. Through a collision of sound, the band wishes a metamorphosis upon their listener: “open up yourself” for “we’re here to evolve”. The evolution is complete with singer Zack Goplen jumping back into the track with an octave change. Brilliant.

For bridges are where the band truly shines. Project 432 has a knack for melodrama embedded as audible metaphors within their music. The bridge is the cathartic release, whether that be as a call to action or a purge of emotions, like in the reflective love song “Wish You Well”. Edgy electric guitar solos always balance out the rapping lyrics that lead into the bridge, as well.

With all this going on, the listener comes out of the album renewed, reenergized for truth and justice. Must be all that natural Hertz frequency. Project 432 is currently taking their talents on the road to promote their upcoming release and fans can now pre-order Passenger before it drops on all digital outlets. For more information, visit the links below.

Pre-order Passenger album:

Track listing:

  1. Crosseyed
  2. No More
  3. Passenger
  4. Believe
  5. In Your Wake
  6. Red Flags
  7. Tell No Tales
  8. Get Back
  9. Smoke and Mirrors
  10. Wish You Well
  11. Chromesthetic

Project 432 Passenger album promotional video:

New Album "Passenger"

We are so excited to release our new album "Passenger" to all of you July 5th! Pre-sales begin June 21st available on all platforms!! Where will we see you!?June 21st – Brues Alehouse Brewing Co. – Pueblo, COJune 27th – The Royal – Salt Lake City, UTJune 28th – The Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO w/ The ExpendablesJune 29th – Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom – Denver, COJuly 5th – Hodi's Half Note – Fort Collins, CO

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