SUNDUB drops ‘Burden of Love’ LP

SUNDUB drops ‘Burden of Love’ LP

Brooklyn-based band SUNDUB has officially dropped their debut album! Since formulating their smooth sound in 2013, these east coast reggae soldiers have been committed to spreading the good vibrations embedded in roots and Jamaican ska music to the masses, evident in their inaugural Burden of Love album. Available as of today on all digital outlets, Burden of Love transmits positive affirmations from start to finish. After premiering their lead single and the album’s title track back in April with Top Shelf Music, SUNDUB has proven to their fans that this LP — six years in the making — is well worth the wait.

SUNDUB has proven to their fans that this LP — six years in the making — is well worth the wait.

Beginning with a jazzy flair paired to a reggae beat, the initial track “Burn Down The Place” introduces listeners to what SUNDUB brings to the table — everything. We’ve “got the potion to heal your wounds” and the party to rage into the night. “[We just now] need an army to complete the cause we’re after,” sings SUNDUB lead singer Joanna Teters. Will you join the cause? Judging from the first track, your curiousity should be peaked. The second song “Close To Me” furthers this reassuring vibe, saying if something’s good, you should stand by it. Whether that be a cause, a person or a place, feel good vibes should abound. 

The title track “Burden of Love” falls third in line, with contributions from Easy Star All Stars’ Chronic Horns and Larry McDonald. Considering the track was mixed by Steel Pulse’s Sidney Mills, you know it has to be a banger. Detailing the dark side of love (longing for another), “Burden of Love” spins a shadow to the fairytale relationship. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Speaking of sunshine, “Light” and “Rising Sun” is enough to chase any clouds away when feeling down. The track “Mt. Zion” is also a song about how someone can be your deliverance, your “sunshine on me brightening up my day”. SUNDUB is not shy to the subject of romance and companionship. The LP ends in true reggae style with a dub version of the title track, “Burden of Dub”. With the synths and reverb turned high, this dubby outro will definitely leave you wanting more.

SUNDUB is celebrating their album with a release party tonight in Brooklyn! Can’t make it? No worries. Burden of Love is out everywhere online, so stream or purchase your copy today. For more information, visit the links below or visit

Purchase or stream Burden of Love album:

Track listing:

  1. Burden Down The Place
  2. Close To Me
  3. Burden of Love
  4. Light
  5. Mt. Zion
  6. Won’t Go Easy
  7. Coming Up Ahead, feat. Ruff Scott
  8. Rising Sun
  9. Burden of Dub

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