Richie Campbell ‘In The 876’ album review

Portuguese reggae superstar Richie Campbell geared up to release his third full-length album In The 876 on August 28th, following a surprise UK unveiling of the LP earlier this year. Two hours after the album hit European digital outlets in May, it skyrocketed to the top of the Portuguese iTunes charts which not only earned the album significant airplay on BBC Radio 1Xtra, but also cementing it as an early success before the rest of the world could even hear it.

With a solid song list and immense European recognition, Richie Campbell is on the fast-track to global stardom

“Best Friend” and “I Feel Amazing” are two singles in particular playing on a BBC Radio loop, prompting Richie Campbell to debut them as a double A-side single to the United States on July 31st.  The two summer hits are positioned as the second and third tracks on the upcoming LP, successive to a spoken ode to Jamaican culture – the central theme of the album. 876 is the telephonic area code of the island and it is clear that Campbell truly enjoys all that Jamaica has to offer, claiming it’s a place where “songs sound better” and you “can’t bring the vibe” anywhere else! But the island’s aura isn’t the only thing Campbell allots appreciation for: the soulful singer has a laundry list of gratitude, with songs acknowledging the blessing of sunrises, soulmates, self-worth, self-reflection or just the ability to have a night off to enjoy reggae music alongside friends. Most of the tracks are of the dancehall reggae variety, but some shake up the general sound. For instance, “Get Over You” is performed as a back-and-forth male/female duet addressing a relationship turning point and “Knock Me Out” is as sensual as can be. Campbell further keeps his listeners entertained by including humorous selections such as “Give It All Away” – a song reminding ladies to stay classy and keep their pants on – or “That’s Not Mine”, the most common plea to arresting officers.

With a solid song list and immense European recognition, Richie Campbell is on the fast-track to global stardom with his previous achievements in music standing as an unbreakable foundation. In 2013, Campbell’s lead track “That’s How We Roll” off his sophomore album Focused won “Song of the Year” at the Portuguese National Radio Awards and was later nominated for a Portuguese Golden Globe after holding the number one spot in the country for six weeks straight. His inaugural album My Path in 2010 was no less of a victory: the LP was marketed for free and ended up being downloaded over 250,000 times, leading shortly to a sold out show in one of Lisbon’s biggest arenas. Although In The 876 is finally reaching the western hemisphere, Richie Campbell is not; the performer is in the midst of a 25 show tour with more cities to be announced towards the end of November – none of which crosses the Atlantic.

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In The 876 track listing

  1. In The 876
  2. I Feel Amazing
  3. Best Friend
  4. Feels Like (feat. Agent Sasco)
  5. 25 to Life
  6. Man Don’t Cry
  7. That’s Not Mine (feat. Jesse Royal)
  8. Get Over You (feat. Toian)
  9. Give It All Away
  10. Knock Me Out (feat. Sara Tavares)
  11. Rise from We Fall
  12. Standing Firm
  13. Better Than Today

Richie Campbell “I Feel Amazing” music video

Release date August 28, 2015 (Wordwide) • Chet Records

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