Premiere of Nattali Rize’s debut EP ‘New Era Frequency’

San Diego born musician Nattali Rize is an impressively talented composer best known for her work with Australian roots band Blue King Brown. The initial success with Blue King Brown has inspired Rize on her new solo direction, which in turn lead her to the musically rich soils of Jamaica where she joined forces with Kingston’s drum n’ bass artists Notis to back the debut EP, titled New Era Frequency. The album was recorded at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston and set to be released August 7, 2015.

We consider music to be a potent form of art toward the raising of consciousness on our planet

“We [Blue King Brown] mix it up with different genres, which includes reggae,” Rize adds. “It actually inspired me to go to Jamaica and go deeper into that world. It’s interesting now, because of my background: the new music I’m producing cant be strictly categorized as ‘Jamaican’ or ‘Australian,’ but an interesting combination of all the global influence and experience I’ve had with music, and the authenticity of a Jamaican band and producers in a new era of modern conscious music…it inevitably creates something fresh.”

The nine tracks of New Era Frequency are smooth and meditative in spirit which slowly evolves over moderately paced melodies, blossoming through tonality and rhythm. The three included dub tracks are truly icing on the already luscious cake. Feelings of serenity and turbulence that flood and dominate the tracks will transport your soul into another place, where everything is just right. The outcome of the nine track album goes over each music genre’s outer limits and is wildly inspired by cultural and social values.

New Era Frequency is our debut EP that has come from a powerful connection between myself and production, drum and bass duo, Notis from Kingston Jamaica. We consider music to be a potent form of art toward the raising of consciousness on our planet, and we see the world around us changing in ways that reflect that rising consciousness. We see more communities taking back their power, organizing and building the foundations of a new way of living and thinking, outside of oppressive systems. So this EP is our contribution to the movement of Truth, toward the Paradigm shift and the undeniable awakening of our planetary family…music is in us all…and we are honored to be able to share some of these New Era Frequencies we’ve found with you! Bless x Nattali Rize”

Nattali Rize & Notis New Era Frequency album premiere

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New Era Frequency track listing

  1. Generations Will Rize Feat Kabaka Pyramid
  2. Midnight Remedy
  3. Rebel Love Feat Zuggu Dan
  4. Mountain
  5. Heart Of A Lion
  6. New Reality
  7. Dread Mountain (Dub)
  8. Rebel Love (Dub)
  9. Remedy (Dub)

Release date August 7, 2015

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