Sal’s Greenhouse blossoms in new ‘Bloom’ EP

Sal’s Greenhouse blossoms in new ‘Bloom’ EP

Bay-area powerhouse funk/soul collective Sal’s Greenhouse is releasing a new EP Bloom on Friday, March 27th! This talented NorCal assembly is everything you need to make staying at home feel like you’re back to fun on Friday nights. The EP was produced by Justin Stanley, who has worked with a full list of artists already on the ‘get us through the doomsday’ list, including — but, not limited to — Prince, Beck, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Leonard Cohen and, most recently, the super retro-sounding, upbeat, disco savvy Sal’s Greenhouse.

It’s literally impossible to worry about the global state of affairs while you listen to ‘Bloom’.

Stanley took a tight-knit, insanely expressive, self-made demo and elevated it with highly danceable percussive beats, dynamic layers of well-crafted production and alluring synth leads. This EP off Color Red, a record label and entertainment platform founded by Eddie Roberts (of The New Mastersounds), is so full-bodied and really showcases the band at its peak, blooming into a phase of new promise. The vintage sound revives a sense of bright, dynamic music that gives listeners a chance to feel inspired, lighthearted and ready to groove on. The first track on the EP, “4 Ever”, premiered on SoulTracks January of this year. It’s a four-on-the-floor, nu-disco heater which taps into the feeling of being freshly in love… kind of like I did with this band’s cosmic energy!

“All That I Need” is the second track on the EP. Here, frontwoman and baritone saxophonist Sally Green’s sultry, sexy, presence shines through on many layers. She’s a full package; this song recounts a breakup in way so uplifting, you are sure to believe she is the one who got away. Even though the tune is about a breakup, the chorus instills a strong message for walking out on any troubles with your head held high: “So be on your way // I found a new day // Don’t need no excuses ‘round me // I got all that I need.”

The next track on the album, “What”, really builds upon the magic and chemistry between the group. This afro-beat inspired instrumental is the perfect amount of mature and retro sounds, as it is creative, unique and soulful. This is a great point to really bust a move and forget everything else in your world for a minute; well, everything except your trustworthy friends, the brass and percussion sections! Fourth, and my humble favorite on the album, is “Tight Ship”. This one is a staple smooth-town, groove-town head-bobber. It feels fancy, intricate and in-the-pocket, especially displaying the crafty drum work of James Small and the clavinet harmonics, courtesy of Craig Schneider. This tune is fundamentally funk, in the best possible way.

The last track, “Hope”, couldn’t be more fitting for the current world climate.

“Hope” highlights the more rock and roll aspects of the crew, with the driving guitar and “don’t back down” attitude. A perfect ender, regardless of how you feel. Enriching music like this reminds us that we are all strong as hell — adversity is the test of greatness!

The band’s energy and chemistry is a formula for original dance music most audiences have yet to experience. While it may be a hot minute before you can go see them play in the flesh, you might still be able to feel their heart and soul in real time at home. Make sure to follow Sally on the social links below for updates on a special multi-cam livestream performance pending.

For more information on obtaining your copy of Bloom, how to tune in for the live-stream and checking out these budding superstars, follow the links below! Your dance party still awaits; in fact, you can now do it in your underwear, which, humbly, is an equally good way to let the music move you! A big thank you to everyone working in the arts to keep spirits high and feet stomping during these uncertain times! The amount of support and love has brought out so many feelings of hope that we can all ‘Bloom’ again soon. We can come together to be a better society: one with more understanding, compassion and wicked awesome EPs. Top Shelf salutes you all for your continued content, support and righteous vibes!

Purchase or stream ‘Bloom’ EP:

Track listing:

  1. 4 Ever
  2. All That I Need
  3. What
  4. Tight Ship
  5. Hope

Sal’s Greenhouse “Better” Official Video:

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